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Queens Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic citation might seem like a minor inconvenience, but one violation can cost you a substantial amount of money down the road—possibly even your license. Find out how to beat your ticket with the help of a Queens traffic ticket lawyer.

Most drivers will get pulled over and ticketed at least once in their lifetime, whether for driving too fast or failing to use a turn signal, mistakes are not uncommon. In fact, many people do not realize that they violated any traffic laws until they get pulled over, as it was never their intention.

Traffic violations can be stressful for drivers. The fines, penalties, and court dates can be detrimental to both your finances and driving privileges, and the time needed to go to traffic court can cause missed time at work, further hurting your income.

The process of fighting a ticket can be made much simpler, however—and with a greater chance for success. Many drivers do not realize that they can fight their ticket with the help of an experienced Queens traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows, potentially saving time, money, and driving points.


The Driving Points System in New York

In New York State, traffic violations can result in consequences that may substantially affect your bank account and your right to drive. A points system is used to determine the severity of your punishment and to track the number of violations you have been convicted of in the past.

Potential points for a citation range from two to eleven. If you accrue eleven points within an eighteen-month period or are convicted of a total of three speeding tickets or other misdemeanor traffic violations in that same time period, your license will be suspended.

If your divers license is suspended, you may not have an available or affordable means to get to work, which could cost you your job and financial security. Whether receiving two or eleven points, any ticket can result in stress and anxiety. Consulting with a Queens traffic ticket lawyer from our office will help you understand your options and alleviate any concerns you might have.


Traffic Violations in Queens

Traffic violations range from minor citations to more serious misdemeanors, and all can have a significant impact on your daily life. Having a few points assessed to your license for a minor violation can result in monetary fines and may cause your auto insurance rates to increase. Major violations can lead to a higher number of points, incurring fines that can cost you large sums of money and the loss of your driving privileges.

Common citations that are between two and five points can include any of the following:

  • Use of cell phone or handheld electronic device while driving – 5 points
  • Not stopping for a school bus – 5 points
  • Railroad crossing infraction – 5 points
  • Driving recklessly – 5 points

A speeding violation can range from two to eleven points depending upon how many miles per hour above the posted speed limit you were clocked at. A Queens traffic violation lawyer may be able to help you get your citation reduced to a lesser infraction.


The Cost of Violating New York Traffic Laws

A traffic ticket won’t just affect your driving record, it can also have a steep negative impact on your wallet. The fines for violations in New York range from $45 to $600 with additional surcharges. Hiring a Queens traffic ticket lawyer may help you avoid these high fines or at least have the amount of your ticket reduced.

The surcharges associated with traffic tickets add insult to injury. Depending on your violation, you might receive a surcharge as high as $100 that must be paid in addition to the original fine.

Furthermore, your insurance company will most likely increase your rates depending upon the points you have accrued and the citation associated with it. To prevent your rates from increasing and to minimize the amount you’ll pay in fines and surcharges, your Queens traffic violation lawyer will do everything possible to reduce your citation or get it dismissed.


A Queens Traffic Violation Lawyer Can Help You

At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand the ins and outs of traffic laws and will work aggressively on your behalf to get the best outcome possible. We’ll investigate your traffic violation and work hard to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to save you money and possibly eliminate or lower the points applied to your record.

We have extensive experience defending clients in traffic court and can help you come out on top of your ticket. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with a Queens traffic ticket lawyer, simply call 917-856-1247 or reach us through the form on this page.

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