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Queens Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The penalties for a speeding ticket can hit you hard and fast, and the effects can last for years. But you can avoid these problems by working with a Queens speeding ticket attorney.

As most drivers in Queens know, speeding is very dangerous. With every mile per hour you go above the speed limit, the greater the force of a potential impact will be. That’s why police and prosecutors treat speeding tickets with such large fines and, in some cases, even jail time.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to just accept the penalties imposed on you by a speeding ticket. Radar guns, cameras, and police officers can make mistakes, and you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. In fact, under New York state law, you’re guaranteed the right to defend yourself from a speeding ticket in court.

To escape the harsh penalties associated with this traffic violation, you’ll likely want the help of a Queens speeding ticket lawyer who knows how to defend against even the most serious traffic violations. Our team at the Law Office of James Medows has a winning history and the ability to help you.

Speeding Laws in Queens

In New York, you basically have to stay below the maximum speed limit, and in some high-speed areas, you also need to stay above the minimum speed limit. The absolute speed limit is what you’ll see on the signs, and unfortunately, if you’re going over the maximum or under the minimum, you can be ticketed.

There are many exceptions to the posted speed limit, however. These include school zones during certain hours, construction zones, passing an emergency services vehicle or a car on the shoulder, and, of course, dangerous weather conditions. As opposed to absolute speed limits, this is called basic speed law.

The concept behind this law is that different conditions call for different limits, and the context of the situation will make a difference in your case. For example, let’s say it’s raining hard and the roads are slick. While the speed limit may be forty miles per hour, a police officer may ticket you at this speed because he or she believes that speed isn’t safe for the conditions at hand.

But who really knows a truly safe driving speed during a storm? It could be that you believed you were traveling at a safe speed, but the ticketing officer disagreed. A Queens speeding defense lawyer from our firm will examine the unique details of your case to find the reason why you don’t deserve harsh penalties.

Penalties for Speeding Drivers in Queens

The punishments for speeding in Queens involve fines, points on your license, and, in some rare cases, jail time. Points are how the state records traffic violations and determines punishments. You’ll likely face personal and professional penalties, as well.

Legally defined punishments are divided into tiers. Every speed tier carries higher fines and more points, and they all have the possibility of fifteen, thirty, or ninety days of jail time.

These tiers are as follows:

  • Inappropriate speeds include those that aren’t precisely defined by the ticketing officer and those that are below the maximum speed limit, but are still too fast for conditions like heavy snow and ice. This charge carries a penalty of a fine, two points on your drivers license, and up to fifteen days in jail.
  • Moving one to ten miles per hour over the maximum limit carries a fine, three license points, and up to thirty days’ jail time.
  • Going eleven to twenty over carries a fine, four points, and up to thirty days in jail.
  • Going twenty-one to thirty over carries a fine, six points, and potential jail time of thirty days.
  • Thirty-one to forty over carries a hefty fine, eight points, and a possible month behind bars.
  • Forty-one or more over the speed limit carries a serious fine, eleven points on your drivers license, and up to thirty days in jail.
  • Reckless driving is technically a criminal misdemeanor, which carries a fine, five license points, and up to ninety days’ jail time

The fines for speeding are costly, but the points stay on your license for eighteen months. There are consequences for reaching six and eleven points. At six, you have to pay three years of an annual driver responsibility assessment (DRA) of $100 plus $25 for every point over six.

At eleven points, you lose your license to drive. The only way to get it back is to enroll, pay for, attend, and pass a safe driving class. You also have to pay to reinstate your license once all that is done, and you’ll be a probationary driver for six months.

Also at that point, the DRA might reach nearly $2,000 in total, plus whatever your fines were, and now you may have no way to get to work, the store, or anywhere else. This can be detrimental to your quality of life. After all, how are you supposed to pay those fines and assessments off if you can’t get to work? This leaves you in a situation that’s not easy to overcome.

Financial Repercussions of Speeding Tickets

Those points on your license do more to drain your bank account than the fines, assessments, and surcharges combined. Your car insurance company not only knows how many points the state gives you, it also has its own point schedule, which is generally harsher and longer-lasting.

Auto insurers may raise your premiums with every point, and those points can stay on their records for a much longer period of time. Every insurance company is different, so you’ll need to look into yours regarding your specific speeding violation, or you could let your Queens speeding ticket lawyer handle it for you.

While they cannot drop you from coverage immediately, if you reach the insurance companies’ breaking point, they will drop you at the next legal opportunity.

You’ll have to then shop around and see if anyone is willing to insure you, but you may be stuck with horrendously expensive, high-risk insurance companies. They are often so expensive that many people can’t afford to drive at all.

Personal Effects of Speeding Tickets

Unfortunately, those speeding penalties will do more than just hurt your insurance opportunities and your bank account. The strain of being unable to pay may mean cutting expenses elsewhere or not paying, which makes it harder to get out of the hole that a serious fine will put you in.

For example, if you lose your license in Queens, you now must deal with debt, the cost of public transportation to get to work, and maintaining a vehicle you currently can’t drive. It adds to your fines while making it harder to make the money you need to pay them off.  

This creates a vicious cycle: You’re stuck with that debt, and you have few avenues to pay it off easily. It makes your life more difficult than it needs to be. But you can fight your speeding ticket and avoid all of this. While there are some ways to reduce points on your record, it’s easiest to avoid getting them at all. Fortunately, a speeding lawyer in Queens can help you fight your speeding ticket.

Camera Tickets vs. Officer Tickets for Speeding

There is a huge difference between speed trap camera tickets and officer-delivered citations. Camera violations only carry a $50 fine without any points, but if you’re late in paying, there are some consequences.

Camera violation late payment penalties in Queens are as follows:

  • After thirty days, a $25 penalty will be added.
  • After around 100 days, the violation is entered into judgment, and 9 percent interest per year is then added to the amount due until the debt is paid.

If you have received a speeding ticket because of a camera that allegedly caught you on tape, a speeding ticket lawyer in Queens can help you. Disputing what seems to be photographic evidence can be intimidating, and many drivers choose to pay the fines, rather than disputing the claims. However, these cameras can fail, just as a police officer can make a mistake.

Our lawyers may investigate how long it has been since the camera was calibrated. These cameras must be checked regularly to ensure accuracy, and if this hasn’t been done recently enough, your case could be dismissed.

With the right team on your side, you have a chance at getting your speeding ticket reduced or dismissed. Machines can always fail. If you’ve received a speeding ticket from a camera, be sure to bring the photos along with your ticket. A qualified lawyer can investigate your camera ticket so you can get a dismissal and a clean slate.

Possible Defenses to Speeding in Queens

To successfully defend against a speeding ticket in Queens, you’ll need to do some digging. We’ll make sure the radar gun, patrol car, and any other relevant equipment were calibrated correctly and regularly maintained. We’ll also ensure that the ticketing officers aren’t behind on any training of any kind and see if they have a history of cases being thrown out.

Our lawyer can also provide further tools and contacts you might otherwise not think to have, as well as a well-prepared defense that clearly demonstrates why you aren’t guilty. For example, a lawyer will have a better idea of the evidence to gather and present to make a point about your case. We may also use the context of the situation, such as speeding to avoid a collision, to get your case dismissed.  

We’ll even make sure the speedometers in the patrol vehicle and your car were working. The point is that we’ll do whatever we can to protect you from the costs and penalties you’re facing.

Queens Speeding Ticket FAQ

When you have gotten a speeding ticket in Queens, you probably have plenty of questions. Unfortunately, this can be a confusing, difficult time if you’re not familiar with New York traffic law. Fortunately, our attorneys should be able to answer all of your questions. If you don’t see your question here, contact us for more information.

My speeding ticket includes multiple infractions. Can you still help?

Yes. Our attorneys are experienced in many forms of traffic law, and if your ticket covers more than just speeding, we can help you handle it.  More offenses will mean more points on your license, which means you’re in a much more urgent situation.

Will Queens driving safety programs remove points from my drivers license?

Yes and no. You will be able to subtract points, which can keep you from getting a license suspension. However, that doesn’t remove the ticket you didn’t appeal, so it’s important to focus on avoiding those fees and points altogether by having the ticket dismissed with a lawyer’s help.

Is there a deadline to file my speeding ticket appeal?

You only have thirty days to file your appeal for a speeding ticket in Queens. If you miss this deadline, it’s the same as pleading guilty. You’ll receive the points on your license and will need to pay the fines attached to your infractions.

Work with a Queens Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you’re like most drivers, you can’t afford the fines, the assessments, and the risk of losing your ability to legally drive because of a speeding ticket. And fighting the legal system is complicated, frustrating, and exhausting.

You need to go to work without worrying about the fact that you have to leave early or show up late so you can attend a court hearing. You need to pick your kids up after track practice or a late movie.

We will do our best to make sure your life remains manageable and your punishments are as light as possible. Find your legal team at the Law Office of James Medows, where we will treat you with respect while helping you understand the process and make informed decisions.

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