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Queens Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

Following too closely, or tailgating, is a traffic violation that carries some serious financial consequences. The police are always on the lookout for ticketable offenses, but especially for infractions with high fines like tailgating.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with following too closely, you need to contest the ticket with the help of a Queens tailgating ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.

Tailgating Penalties in Queens

The penalties for tailgating include fines, driving points, and even the possibility of jail time. The fines can be very expensive—up to $235 for the first offense and up to $543 for a third offense.


Jail time is also a possibility, and the sentence can be for up to ninety days, but this is usually reserved for offenders with a history of violations.


Unfortunately, the negative consequences of a tailgating ticket don’t stop with the fine.

The Driving Points System in New York

Driving points are how New York, and nearly every other state, tracks and punishes traffic violations. These can add up quickly, especially with a serious violation like tailgating, which will result in four points being added to your driving history.


If you reach six points in eighteen months, you must pay an annual driver responsibility assessment fee of $100. There will be an additional $25 for every point over six, and this surcharge must be paid annually for three years.


Things get worse if you reach eleven points in eighteen months. Not only will you have that annual assessment fee, but you will also lose your license.


The only way to get your driving privileges back is to pay for driving classes, pay more fines and fees, and spend time in programs and courses. And of course, since you aren’t allowed to drive, you’ll also have to pay for transportation to these courses.

Defenses for a Following Too Closely Charge

Tailgating is sometimes hard to avoid, especially when the car in front of you is diving at inconsistent speeds. It is also an extremely subjective traffic violation, and the ticketing officer may have even gotten it wrong.


You may have tried to explain that the car in front of you suddenly slowed and you were following suit, but sometimes that goes over better in the courtroom. Following too closely is a serious traffic violation, but it should only be ticketed if you were doing it through choice and for an extended period of time.


In many cases, people are forced into “tailgating” through traffic conditions, and this might form the basis of your defense.

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If you have been ticketed for following too closely, you might not have to pay the fine and suffer all the other consequences of a traffic violation. By fighting your ticket, you might be able to save yourself a great deal of time, money, and frustration in the future.


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