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Queens Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

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For some time now, New York has been cracking down on cell phone use while driving. A ticket for electronic device use while behind the wheel comes at a steep price, and the penalties get progressively harsher with subsequent violations. You’re up against more than just a fine if you get ticketed, however, as any moving violation can inflict several, less-obvious penalties that will affect your future and finances.


It might seem difficult now, but your cell phone ticket can potentially be beaten. To find out what defense will work best in your situation, retain the services of a Queens cell phone ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.


Cell Phone Ticket Penalties: More Than Just a Fine

The mistake many people make is that they assume their ticket will just cost them a fine and then they’ll be done with it. Nothing could be further from the truth. New York uses a driver point system, which means that your traffic violations are tracked, and if you get too many within an eighteen-month window, you’ll have to deal with even harsher penalties.


For example, accumulating six points inside of eighteen months will mean that you’ll have to pay a $100 annual surcharge for three years—and every point past six adds $25 to your yearly total. At eleven points in eighteen months, you’ll receive a license suspension. You never know when you’ll receive a ticket that will put you past one of these thresholds, which is why you should dispute any ticket you receive.


A cell phone ticket will add five points to your license, putting you right on the edge of receiving an annual surcharge. You’ll also have to pay an expensive fine, depending on your offense number:


  • First Offense: $50–$150
  • Second Offense Within Eighteen Months: $50–$200
  • Third or Subsequent Offense Within Eighteen Months: $50–$400


Defending Against a Cell Phone Ticket

The penalties for a cell phone ticket are significant, especially since they’ll almost certainly also result in higher insurance rates. Your Queens cell phone ticket lawyer will assess your case and determine what the best defense to use for your situation is:


  • You were about to call emergency services
  • You were parked and not in the way of traffic
  • The officer didn’t have a clear view of your vehicle and was mistaken
  • Your device was hands-free, so while you were speaking, you weren’t violating the law


An Experienced Queens Electronic-Device-Use Ticket Attorney

Don’t admit guilt for your cell phone driving violation without first finding out if your ticket can be beaten. The Law Office of James Medows has extensive experience with traffic law and can defend your case in traffic court.


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