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Brooklyn Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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Brooklyn Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Most of the countless speeding tickets issued in Brooklyn every year end with the driver paying the fine and absorbing the points added to his or her license. Don’t end up like everybody else; team up with a Brooklyn speeding ticket attorney who can help you fight your ticket.

When you’ve been issued a ticket for a speeding violation, it’s easy to feel defeated and as though you have no options to fight the charges. But the truth is that you have every right to go to traffic court and seek to have the violation dismissed or the severity of the charge reduced.

And that’s something you will want to seriously consider after you take a look at the potential punishments you could face. Fines for speeding tickets often surprise drivers, and few truly know how many points they already have on their drivers license. That seemingly minor speeding ticket could tip the scale and cost you your license altogether.

Fighting a speeding ticket can be difficult, though, which is why it can be helpful to work with an experienced and qualified Brooklyn speeding ticket lawyer from our firm, the Law Office of James Medows. We’ll handle your defense and make sure you’re given a fair shot at beating your ticket.

Penalties for Speeding in Brooklyn

Many people think that, when they are issued a speeding ticket, the only penalty they face is the fine associated with the violation. A monetary fine by itself can be a severe punishment for some people because the unexpected cost of the ticket could compromise their financial security for weeks or months.

And speeding tickets aren’t cheap, either. Depending on how fast you were going, tickets in Brooklyn can get as high as $600. When you need that $600 to feed yourself and your family, pay your rent, and maintain your car and the required insurance, those fines can make life especially hard.

Past that, though, there are other penalties associated with speeding violations that you may not know about. For example, if you choose not to fight your charges, you could end up having your license suspended.

That’s because, for every moving violation, a set number of points will be added to your license. This is a system set up by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to control those who continuously drive recklessly. Once you reach eleven points or more within a year and a half, your license will be suspended for a predetermined period of time.

A speeding ticket can lead to major consequences even if it’s the only offense on your record. In New York, the following system is used to determine how many points you will receive after a speeding violation in Brooklyn:  

  • If you were going between one and ten miles over the speed limit, you will be given three points on your driving record.
  • If you were going between eleven and twenty miles over the speed limit, you will be given four points.
  • If you were going between twenty-one and thirty miles over the speed limit, you will be given six points.
  • If you were going between thirty-one and forty miles over the speed limit, you will be given eight points.
  • If you were going forty-one miles or more over the speed limit, you will be given eleven points, and your license will be automatically suspended.

As you can see, these penalties can be quite severe, and they have the potential to wreak serious havoc in your personal and financial life if you’re rendered unable to legally drive. For example, if you’re caught going between twenty-one and thirty miles over the speed limit just two times in an eighteen-month period, you’ll have your drivers license suspended. It pays to fight your ticket in any way possible.

Luckily, with the help of a Brooklyn speeding violation lawyer, you can avoid these serious outcomes. In many cases, an attorney from our firm will be able to get the charges reduced so your fine is smaller and the number of points on your license is minimized. In other cases, we may be able to get the ticket thrown out altogether.

Speeding Laws in Brooklyn

There are actually two different types of speeding laws in most states. The first type is called absolute speeding law. In Brooklyn and the rest of New York state, this means you are required to adhere to the posted speed limit, with absolutely no exceptions or allowances. So if the speed limit in the area is forty-five miles per hour, you cannot go over that at all—no matter what.

The second type is called basic speeding law. In New York, this means you are required to drive at a certain speed based on the conditions of the road. For example, perhaps you are driving on a road that has a lot of ice, and the area is poorly lit. During the day and with proper weather conditions, the speed limit might be sixty miles per hour. However, at the time you were driving, you would need to lower your speed to account for the hazardous conditions.

Knowing this difference can help you get your ticket dismissed based on the conditions of the road and your location. For basic speeding law, context will make a difference, and a speeding ticket lawyer in Brooklyn may be able to argue your case based on the conditions and posted speed limit.

Paying Your Speeding Ticket Fine Is Pleading Guilty

Courtroom TV dramas depict criminal defendants and their lawyers announcing that they plead guilty or innocent in dramatic fashion, but the affair is much more understated when it comes to speeding tickets. If you pay your fine, you plead guilty.

There’s not really any going back from there, so it’s important to talk to a speeding ticket attorney in Brooklyn before you give in and pay the fine online. We’ll discuss your options and move forward with your defense as soon as you’re ready to do so.

Camera Tickets vs. Officer Tickets in Brooklyn

There are two ways in which you can be charged with a speeding ticket in Brooklyn. The first is through a state-implemented, motion-activated camera, and the second is through an actual police officer.

Tickets from police officers are typically given for a couple of reasons. The officer might have been pacing you and gauging your speed by monitoring his or her own. Or the officer might have used a radar detection device to determine your speed and then pull you over.

Camera tickets are a bit rarer and much more complicated. These cameras are typically located near busy intersections, and they work by photographing the license plate of the supposed perpetrator. Then, an officer must review the footage before deciding whether the driver was, in fact, speeding.

In both situations, there is obviously a lot of room for error, whether it is human or electronic. After you are issued your ticket, you may feel like you are forced to simply pay the fine and accept the repercussions. But, in reality, with the help of a Brooklyn speeding lawyer, you have a good opportunity to fight the infraction and avoid harsh punishments.

Fighting a Camera Speeding Ticket

It’s not impossible to fight a camera speeding ticket, but many people assume that photographic evidence is all they need. They think that they’ve been caught, and they admit to speeding by paying the ticket outright.

Again, arguing against the camera’s evidence can help you get your ticket dismissed. While an officer will make the final call on whether you were speeding, machines can err. These machines, for example, must go through regular testing, and if they’re not kept up, you could use this in your defense.

Otherwise, reviewing the evidence with your attorney can get you on the right track. We can study the evidence, find flaws in the camera, and help you build a strong defense that will get that ticket dismissed.

Defenses for Brooklyn Speeding Tickets

There are many ways to prove that a Brooklyn speeding ticket was issued improperly, and your attorney will rely on some effective defense strategies to help you garner a successful outcome in traffic court. We will handle your case on your behalf so there is no chance of you accidentally making yourself liable while explaining your side of the story.

Instead, we’ll review your case and build a defense around the circumstances of your ticket. Some common defense strategies attorneys tend to use when fighting speeding tickets include the following:

  • Proving that the officer improperly gauged your speed
  • Arguing that the camera didn’t accurately record the speed at which you were driving
  • Proving that you had no choice but to speed to keep yourself safe, such as speeding to get off a busy highway because you felt as though you were having a health crisis
  • Proving that you had to speed to avoid harming another person, such as speeding to avoid an out-of-control 18-wheeler

Choosing the Right Speeding Ticket Lawyer

When you prepare to fight your Brooklyn speeding ticket, whether it’s from a camera or an officer, you deserve the best representation possible. After all, the consequences for a traffic ticket could make life difficult on you and your family, so disputing it may be your best option.

Unfortunately, choosing the right representation can be difficult, especially since you only have thirty days to file an appeal and get your case in action. As such, it’s important to decide how to proceed with your case quickly—and to decide what will be the best method to get your speeding ticket dismissed.

While you do have options for representation, keep in mind that the right defense can decide whether you’re free from any worries about your ticket or if you’re saddled with penalties and fines. Getting the right representation will make a difference in your case.

If you’re not familiar with speeding ticket laws and haven’t fought back against a speeding ticket before, representing yourself in court can be disastrous. You may save a small amount of money by representing yourself, but you also risk losing the opportunities a qualified and experienced lawyer can offer.

For example, you have far fewer resources available to you—ones that an attorney will have built up during a successful career in traffic ticket law. These resources can make all the difference in your case, and without them, you may end up with the speeding ticket stuck on your plate.

You may be saving on fees now, but in the long run, you could suffer the severe consequences that come with a speeding ticket in Brooklyn. If you’re unable to pay your ticket fines, they’ll only get worse from here. Don’t put your future at risk when you’ve received a speeding ticket.

Team Up with a Brooklyn Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you were issued a speeding ticket and want to fight the charges, our team at the Law Office of James Medows is here to help. Working with us will provide you with qualified legal representation and guidance so you stand a solid chance of securing a favorable outcome.

After all, getting your ticket handled may be vital to you and your loved ones, and accepting and paying for a speeding ticket can hurt you. Instead of taking your chances with fines and points on your license, reach out to us for help.

If you still have questions, reach out to us. We can answer your questions and set up a review of your case so you know what to expect. To schedule a consultation with a Brooklyn speeding ticket lawyer at our firm, fill out our online contact form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at 917-856-1247 as soon as you can.


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