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Brooklyn Moving Violation Lawyer

When you’ve been cited for a moving violation, you could be jeopardizing your license by paying the citation. Call a Brooklyn moving violation attorney to help you beat your ticket.

A moving violation is any traffic offense committed while your vehicle is in motion, and it can impact your driving record. When you pay a traffic fine, you are admitting guilt, and points will automatically be added to your driving record. This can increase your chances of losing your license, and you may be subject to greater fines and fees.

When you call a Brooklyn moving violation lawyer from our traffic law firm, you have a much better chance of beating your ticket. The Law Office of James Medows has extensive experience fighting against moving violation convictions, keeping those points off your record and allowing you to remain on the road.

Examples of Moving Violations

Many people don’t know the difference between a moving violation and other types of traffic tickets. The major distinction is that your vehicle must be moving for your offense to be considered a moving violation. Different violations will result in different consequences, and some penalties are greater than others.

Here are some examples of moving violations:

Why Should You Fight a Moving Violation Ticket?

So many people get a ticket—either handed to them by a police officer that pulled them over or sent to them in the mail from a traffic camera—and just pay it right away. This is a big mistake. That traffic violation might seem small when you take it by itself, but it can add up to a huge problem faster than a red light camera flash.

If you get several traffic tickets in a short timespan; if you already have points on your record; or if the violation is considered serious, you may be facing some pretty stiff penalties.

Some offenses could result in license suspension if convicted, such as drunk or drugged driving, but others will add a lot of points to your record and could leave you with huge fines to pay. Here are some of the penalties you may be facing if you don’t fight your moving violation ticket:

  • Points added to your driving record, which could result in higher fines and license suspension
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Higher insurance premiums or loss of insurance altogether

Call a Brooklyn Moving Violation Attorney

A Brooklyn moving violation lawyer from our office will be dedicated to fighting on your behalf to keep you from suffering the penalties of traffic violations. Don’t give up and pay your ticket when you have an excellent chance of beating it!

The experienced traffic attorneys of the Law Office of James Medows can help you keep your insurance premiums down and keep your license from being suspended or revoked. Call us today for a free case evaluation at 917-856-1247, or complete our web form on this page.

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