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Driving With Suspended License Lawyer in Brooklyn

If you or a loved one been arrested for driving while your license was suspended?

If you are caught driving in New York while your driver’s license is suspended, you are in big trouble. You may think this would be a fairly minor offense, one that could be dealt with by a ticket, a court appearance, and a fine of some kind.

You would be wrong.

If you are found to be driving without a valid license, you will be arrested, handcuffed, frisked, and taken to

a police station to sit in a cell with any variety of offenders, from drug pushers to prostitutes to rapists. You will be photographed and fingerprinted. In short, even if you have never had any legal problems, you will be treated just as if you’d been arrested for assault, drunk driving, or murder. Even if you are unaware that your license is suspended, you will still be tossed into the system, since ignorance is no excuse. The law is the great equalizer here, but not in a good way.

If you find yourself in this chilling scenario, having a lawyer by your side would surely be a great comfort. The Law Office of James Medows will provide this kind of moral support, along with the legal advice you will need to get your license reinstated.

Why is a driver’s license suspended? The reasons are many, and James can help you understand the complexities of this structure. Your license can be suspended for failing to pay a speeding ticket or to appear for a court date, leaving the scene of an accident, abandoning a vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, repeated violations of traffic laws, excessive speeding infractions within a given time frame, careless or reckless driving, homicide or assault caused by your driving, racing or engaging in speed contests, driving without insurance, and other reasons.

And did you know that failing to pay child support can result in a suspended license? Or that advocating the overthrow of the government can do the same? If you are found to be physically or psychologically unfit for safe driving, your license can also be suspended. If you use your license or any other identification to purchase liquor illegally, you can kiss your driver’s license goodbye for some time.

If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. And that is why you need an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of these various causes for having a driver’s license suspended as well as the consequences of driving without that license. James Medows is well versed in the complexities of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, and if you are arrested for driving without a license, he will help you to understand why and to resolve the situation for the most positive outcome. And resolve it you must.

The consequences for driving without a license range from simple fines to probation and jail time.And of course a charge of driving while your license is suspended can also impact your employment, your credit, and your reputation. Furthermore, if the charge is not resolved, it will remain on your New York record permanently. James will work diligently to help you avoid such punishments, and his expertise will ensure that you have the most skillful representation you could ask for.

Besides the numerous causes for having a license suspended, there are different types of suspensions. An “indefinite suspension” means that you don’t know when you will get your license back. A “definite suspension” does provide a specific end date, but you must wait that entire period before driving again—or risk yet another charge. Another kind of suspension occurs if you are involved in a vehicle accident resulting in property damage of a certain amount.

If you are from another state but fail to pay a speeding ticket you got in New York, your license will be suspended. And if a New York driver is charged with a moving violation in another state but fails to settle the charge, that driver’s license will likely be suspended as well. Here again, James is highly qualified to negotiate this maze of classifications, and his knowledge of driving laws and license suspension consequences will ensure that your rights are not violated and that you receive the best possible settlement of your situation.

Driving with a suspended license is a serious charge, and it does not discriminate. Judges, athletes, city council members, Congressional representatives,city commissioners, Department of Transportation officials, deputies, and even public bus drivers have felt the brunt of this crime. If you or a loved one is arrested for driving with a suspended license, contact the Law Office of James Medows immediately so that he can assist you in resolving the charge, avoiding a criminal record, and restoring your driving rights and your life to normal.