[VIDEO] "Detectives are looking for me. What should I do?" | Law Office of James Medows

24 Feb [VIDEO] “Detectives are looking for me. What should I do?”

Video Transcript

Person 1: James, I know that there are some detectives looking for me, what should I do?

James: Under no circumstances should you talk to law enforcement without me, my name is James, my number is on the website.

What I tell everyone, lawyer up, keep your mouth shut, have you lawyer speak on your behalf.

I’ll protect you from the beginning of your case, before you see the judge until trial.

Lawyer up, call me now.

Person 1: And you have experience this types of cases, criminal cases?

James: Yes, I’m a second generation attorney.

I’ve been practicing since I was eleven years old. I’ve been licensed close to nine years.

I’ve specialized exclusively in criminal defense, so from a petty larceny case all the way to murder. I hope that you consider calling me and lawyering up and using my services.

Person 1: Great, thank you very much.

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