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Have you or a loved one been charged with any type of crime in Brooklyn or anywhere else in New York City?

Brooklyn criminal LawyerA criminal charge of any kind, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, is serious and scary. It has the potential to affect and literally reshape the rest of your life, including your employment and career, your reputation and credit, and your family and other relationships. While an accusation itself can seriously disrupt your future, an actual conviction is far worse. If you or a loved one are arrested for any kind of legal infraction, you would be wise to immediately contact an expert and understanding attorney to handle your case from start to finish.

The Law Office of James Medows has years of experience in dealing with a broad range of criminal assault charges, from shoplifting, to speeding or driving with a suspended license, to homicide. With his intricate knowledge of New York law, along with his personal compassion for every client, James is the best attorney to protect your rights, staunchly work for the most positive outcome of your case, and help guide you through the emotional turmoil of the entire ordeal. The concept of “benevolence” is not one that people generally associate with lawyers, but James is different. For him, every client is akin to family.

He will treat you with the utmost dignity, regardless of the allegation, and he will work loyally and diligently to have the charge against you dismissed or at least reduced and to ensure that any consequences are as minimal as possible. From your arrest to your arraignment, James will stand by you, and if the case leads to a trial and appeals, he will consistently be present to provide the legal guidance and moral support you will need.

Calling James as soon as you are arrested is vital so that you have the best advisor from the very start. You should never speak to an arresting officer or any other officials until you have an astute attorney like James by your side. The police are trained to ply you with questions, to try and catch you in an incriminating statement, and to attempt to elicit a confession through any means possible. Their latitude is wide: they can threaten and harangue you,they can lie and mislead you; without a knowledgeable attorney present, you may well fall prey to such tactics. Evidence of such fatalities unfortunately abounds in New Yorklegal records. Do not leave yourself open to the possibility of making a bad situation worse. Call James Medows, day or night, to serve as your legal counsel and supportive guide before you make any statement or any move.

James knows well what is at stake for someone who is charged with a crime in Brooklyn, and his goal is to protect you as best he can from any personal and professional consequences, whatever the situation might be. He will scrutinize every aspect of your case, including the cause for arrest, the validity of evidence and witness statements, the credibility and consistency of police reports, and the integrity of every step in the legal process. His ability to protect and defend you encompasses virtually any area of law. Jameshas addressed cases of violence, including assault, domestic disputes, endangering the welfare of a child, and a range of sex crimes.

He also has solid experience with charges of drugs, weapons, and stolen property possessions, as well as crimes of theft and deception, ranging from grand larceny to unemployment and Medicaid fraud. If you have received a summons or a desk appearance ticket, James can provide expert guidance, as he can with accusations of criminal mischief or criminal trespass, DWI, and child pornography. Regardless of your charge, James has the expertise to ensure you the best possible representation.

Choosing an attorney who is tenacious, available, and above all skillful and intently conversant in New York law can make the difference between your freedom and a prison sentence. A lawyer’s proficiency and strategy can make or break a case, and when it comes to your life and future, cutting corners should not be an option. If you are offered a Public Defender, do not accept, for he or she will not always be available for you and may well lack the background and aptitude to handle your case in the best possible way. James, by contrast, will be fully committed to you.

Additionally, his education at New York University and at Howard University School of Law has led to his being licensed for practice in both state and federal courts in New York.His notable experience has also been enhanced by his work with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn and his affiliation with the Honorable Martin Shulman, who served as a New York Civil Court Judge as well as a State Supreme Court Justice, among other high-ranking positions.James’ qualifications combined with his years of legal prowess ensure that he can provide you with an unsurpassed and steadfast defense.

The mantra of “Never settle for second best” rings through American culture, from commerce to careers to personal goals. When your own life and future are at risk, this concept is exceptionally fitting. If you or a loved one are charged with any kind of crime in Brooklyn, do not settle. Call the Law Office of James Medows to ensure that you have selected the finest and most dependable legal and personal ally you could hope for to guide you through every aspect of your case.

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