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Brooklyn Domestic Violence Lawyer

How often have you read or heard about a battered woman who refuses to leave her husband? How many films and television shows depict some fearful person changing identities, moving from place to place, to avoid being found by a threatening spouse? How often can you pick up a newspaper without reading about some brutal rape by a family member?

Whether fact or fiction, these situations are all painfully accurate. Domestic abuse occurs with alarming frequency, and it knows no boundaries—not gender, ethnic, economic, age, status, or religion. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need an experienced and empathetic lawyer to help you deal with this terrifying situation. The Law Office of James Medows will provide the expertise and guidance that you need in any domestic abuse situation.

Domestic violence is an insidious creature that manifests itself in many forms, including assault, rape, menacing, harassment, kidnapping, stalking, neglect, and murder. While domestic violence is generally thought of as physical, it is equally frightening in its other shapes. Psychological abuse can be generated by name-calling, embarrassing you, leveling all kinds of criticism, deriding your abilities or accomplishments, and spreading rumors about you. Taking control of the family finances, keeping you on a tight allowance, and forcing you to account for every cent spent creates a kind of economic abuse.

Threatening to reveal some secret from your past can create abuse by intimidation. Social abuse can ensue from being pressured to stay in a relationship because of religious reasons, for the sake of the children, or to “keep up appearances.” The goal, of course, is to establish power through a variety of malicious tactics and create fear. Clearly, abuse comes in many shapes and sizes, and you can be accused of perpetrating any of them.

Domestic violence is not a crime as such but rather an assortment of individual offenses, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, most of them family related. In other words, the different types of abuse involve individuals who live in the same residence, are related by blood or by family connection, have a child together, or have some kind of intimate or legal relationship. The repercussions of domestic violence are extensive and heart-wrenching. Families are torn apart. Accusations are flung about, often falsely. Children are confused and terrified and can face ridicule from their peers. Jobs and reputations are endangered. Friends are caught in the fray of whose side to take. Anger and jealousy create turmoil. The psychological scars of domestic abuse can be long-lasting or permanent.

If you are found guilty of domestic violence charges, the consequences can include probation, fines, incarceration, mandatory counseling, anger management classes, substance abuse treatment, and other rulings. You may also have an order of protection—a restraining order—placed against you, meaning you may not be able to see your children, enter your own home or even come near it, or have any kind of contact with a given person, whether by phone, email, letters, or any other messaging. Violating a restraining order brings another charge altogether and mandatory arrest. The team of lawyers at James Medows will work diligently to prevent you from suffering any of these penalties or to have them reduced as much as possible.

Domestic abuse is an ugly situation, and nobody wins. Furthermore, because the condition is fraught with intense emotions, accusations can often be false. The law office of James Medows can help to sort out who is right and who is wrong, what is true or false, and work through the other tangles created by this unfortunate situation. If you are accused, do not hesitate to call James. If you are facing a charge of domestic abuse, Call James right away. Domestic abuse is a complex creature that can rear its head suddenly or that can evolve slowly and unseen, and no one is immune to its threats.

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