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NYC Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

Don’t admit guilt to a driving too closely citation without first finding out if you can beat the charge by consulting with an NYC tailgating ticket lawyer.

It can be surprisingly easy to receive a ticket for tailgating, and in many cases the citation is completely unwarranted. Unfortunately, a ticket for driving too closely can cost you in a number of very noticeable ways. These violations carry large fines and a hefty number of driving points that will be assessed to your license.


While many people are tempted to sign a ticket, pay the fine, and be done with it, this is completely the wrong course of action to take. Following too closely will leave you with a large number of points, and you never know if the next ticket will be one that can’t be beaten. With that in mind, you should fight your ticket with the help of an NYC tailgating ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.

Following Too Closely in New York City

In New York, a tailgating violation comes with four points on your license. This may not seem like a big deal if you currently have no other points on your license, but it can quickly become an issue if you receive other tickets at the same time or if you already have violations on your record from the past.


Drivers who accumulate six points will be placed in the driver assessment program, where additional surcharges are issued every year for three years. The minimum charge is $100 with an additional $25 per point for every point over the first six.


Did your tailgating violation really push you over the edge, with a total of more than eleven points on your license? If so, you’re now in danger of license suspension or revocation. The only way to avoid this is by taking a state-approved point and insurance reduction program (PIRP) class, after which you will have four points removed from the total used to calculate suspensions. You’ll also be eligible to save on your car insurance premiums.


Even with a minor first-time offense, your ticket can cost you substantially unless you have a qualified NYC tailgating ticket lawyer on your side.

Defending Against a Tailgating Ticket

A citation for following too closely depends on proving that you were driving too closely to the other driver’s rear for the current conditions. Your defense will likely hinge on demonstrating that the current traffic conditions made your distance appropriate, or that you were only driving that close to the other driver temporarily.


For example, if traffic had slowed suddenly due to debris in the road, it might be possible to convince the judge that the sudden deceleration was behind the “improper” distance. Likewise, if traffic was driving much slower than normal, your distance might have been appropriate but the officer ticketed you based on normal conditions for that road.

A Qualified NYC Driving Too Closely Ticket Lawyer

If you have received a ticket for tailgating that you didn’t deserve, we may be able to help. Contact an NYC tailgating ticket lawyer at the Law Office of James Medows by calling 917-856-1247 or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Schedule a free consultation today and find out how to beat your ticket.

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