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NYC Traffic Court Lawyer

Traffic court isn’t something you want to face alone. For help, get in touch with an NYC traffic court attorney.

From running a stop sign to speeding on your way home, you might have broken the law behind the wheel and been pulled over, and you might have received a ticket for it. On the other hand, you might have received a ticket when you did nothing wrong. Either way, you deserve qualified legal representation as you fight your ticket.

When you’ve been given a ticket for a moving violation, it may seem like a small issue. After all, a ticket might be expensive, but then you’ve paid it. The drivers license point system is not that simple, however; enough points on your license can mean big trouble for you.

When you’re contesting a ticket, you may need someone on your side to help you win your case. If you’ve gotten a ticket, an NYC traffic court lawyer from our firm is ready to help.

Points on Your License Will Hurt You

In New York, every driver has a record of his or her traffic infractions and how many he or she has received in an eighteen-month span. This is meant to keep drivers accountable for their actions, but if you let these points build up, you could see serious consequences.

Every violation puts a certain number of points on your license. A speeding ticket, for example, will have different levels of points. You may receive only three for going just over the speed limit, or you may get eleven points for speeding more than forty miles per hour over, along with higher fines and possible jail time.  

Whatever infraction you’re accused of, a traffic court lawyer in NYC can help you beat the ticket in court.

Help with Traffic Court in NYC

Unfortunately, enough moving violations will also mean a license suspension. After receiving eleven points on your license, your driving privileges will be taken, and if you’re caught driving without a license, you will face much more serious consequences.

While points don’t seem too serious at first, it’s important to consider their impact before you plead guilty for your ticket in NYC traffic court. Many of the consequences may seem minor, but they add up:

  • Traffic Ticket Fines and Court Surcharges – Depending on where you received the ticket, you may pay more on average for your ticket just to pay it off. If your license is suspended, you’ll also pay a fee just to have it renewed.
  • Insurance Premiums – If you go ahead and pay your ticket, you are effectively pleading guilty to the charge against you. Your insurance company may take this opportunity to raise your premiums, making it more difficult in the long run just to pay your bills.
  • Transportation Costs – If you choose not to go to NYC traffic court and your license is suspended, the fees continue to rise. Paying for insurance on the car you can’t use, public transportation fees, and rideshare programs like Uber can become expensive quickly.

Reach Out to an NYC Traffic Court Attorney

Getting too many points on your license can make life much harder, but you can contest your ticket in traffic court. Pleading not guilty almost always raises your chances of getting your ticket dismissed.

If you have any questions, give an NYC traffic court lawyer a call. You can reach the Law Office of James Medows at 917-856-1247 or through our online contact form below.  

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