What Happens if I Ignore My NYC Traffic Ticket?

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What Happens if I Ignore My NYC Traffic Ticket?

Traffic tickets issued in the state of New York must be paid or contested within fifteen days of their issuance. When the time is approaching and you haven’t yet paid, you might be asking yourself “what happens if I ignore my NYC traffic ticket?” The answer to that question varies depending on the amount of the fine, whether you have had prior traffic incidents reported, and if you pleaded guilty or not guilty.

Increase in Fines

The initial cost of your ticket will inevitably rise if you ignore it and fail to pay the fine. You can expect increased fines at the very least. The fine could double even if you pay it just a day late. At the very least, ignoring your traffic ticket will cost you more later.

Suspended License

The state of New York suspends your license when you fail to pay traffic tickets. The suspension can happen immediately after your due date arrives. If you skip paying another fine in the future, your suspension fees become even larger.


Driving on a suspended license could result in a felony crime, leaving you vulnerable to jail time and up to $5,000 in fees to the state. Your vehicle may even be confiscated. In this instance, ignoring a traffic ticket can end up costing you thousands of dollars, jail time, and the ability to drive.

Submit a Request for a Hearing

If you do not believe that you should have to pay your ticket, rather than ignoring it, the right course of action is to request a hearing. You can plead not guilty and go before a DMV Administrative Law Judge. Because this can be a complicated process, it’s best to consult with a qualified traffic ticket lawyer to guide you through the process and handle the legal proceedings.


If you plead guilty to the traffic violation, you can usually skip the hearing and send your ticket in with payment for any fees. However, a serious traffic violation that would normally result in a suspended license does not allow you to simply send in your payment and be done with the matter. In this case, it is crucial that you have a qualified traffic attorney on your side to help.

Help from an NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Whether your ticket is for a minor or serious offense, it’s often within your best interests to consult a qualified traffic ticket lawyer rather than just accepting the ticket. Ignoring the violation altogether will only make things worse.


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