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Bronx Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You should consider fighting every traffic ticket you receive. This is because the state of New York has a driver point system that is used to determine how high risk a driver is for causing accidents.

While this point system can be incredibly effective at keeping dangerous drivers off the road, it can also put people at risk for losing their license when they simply made a mistake or two.

Mistakes aside, some traffic tickets are undeserved. If you need assistance fighting a traffic ticket to prevent points being applied to your license, contact a Bronx traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

How the New York State Driver Point System Works

As far as the NYS Driver Point System is concerned, eleven is the magic number. Once you reach eleven points within eighteen months, your drivers license could be suspended.

Additionally, if you have twelve points added to your record in three years, you could also be at risk for losing your license.

Clearly, these points can add up quickly, so every single ticket matters when you are a New York driver. If you fight the ticket and are not convicted, no points will be added to your driving record. This is why it is in your best interest to call a Bronx traffic ticket lawyer as soon as you are ticketed.

Signs You Need a Bronx Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If any of the following apply to you, you could be at risk for losing your license down the road:

  • You have received a traffic ticket in the past year
  • You were ticketed for speeding while driving more than eleven miles over the speed limit
  • You were ticketed for using a cell phone while driving
  • You were ticketed for virtually any other reason

Each ticket you receive makes fighting the next one that much more important. If you have already been convicted of a traffic violation within the past eighteen months, it is absolutely worth your while to fight the ticket, even if you think you may have been at fault.

Each conviction adds to your total, and it really doesn’t take much to reach the eleven-point mark. In fact, if you are convicted of speeding while using your cell phone, you could receive over nine points for one infraction.

Risks Associated with Not Fighting Your Ticket

It’s almost never a good idea to let a ticket go uncontested. Consult with a Bronx traffic ticket lawyer to avoid both of the following:

Suspended Drivers License

If you are close to eleven points, you may be on the verge of losing your license, even if most of your infractions happened over eighteen months ago. This is because receiving twelve points in three years can also lead to a suspension of your license.

Increased Insurance Premiums

Even if you keep your drivers license, you could suffer financially after a traffic violation conviction. Whether you were speeding or failed to make a complete stop, your insurance company could view you as high risk and increase your insurance rates, leaving you with less disposable income.

How a Bronx Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

A Bronx traffic ticket lawyer can handle much of the proceedings for fighting a traffic ticket for you.

As your attorney, I can schedule your hearing with the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). I will represent you during the hearing, so you will not need to make your case on your own.

Before the hearing ever begins, I will gather evidence and build a strong case for why you should not be convicted of the traffic violation.

If completely avoiding a penalty isn’t feasible, it may be possible to reduce your charge to a lesser violation. Due to the point system, being convicted of a lesser infraction is still a win as that means fewer points will be added to your record.

However, for the best chance of success, you must request a hearing and plead not guilty. A Bronx traffic ticket lawyer will be essential to achieving a positive outcome. In situations like these, experience does matter, and mine can be of great benefit to you.

Call a Bronx Traffic Ticket Lawyer Today

Receiving a traffic ticket can be intimidating, given how serious the consequences can be. In New York each ticket moves you that much closer to losing your license.

If you either drive for a living or the mobility your vehicle provides is essential to your lifestyle, losing your license is not a viable option. While public transit can help, it is not the same as having the freedom of your own vehicle.

If you have been ticketed for speeding or any other type of moving violation, call or text James Medows, Traffic Ticket Lawyer, at 917-856-1247, or send an email to schedule a consultation.

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