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We’ve probably all been guilty of rolling through a stop sign without coming to a full stop. However, even a lengthy pause is not a stop, and police can ticket you for not coming to a full stop.

The moving violation for failure to obey a traffic signal, running a stop sign or disobeying a yield sign will add three points to your driver’s license, where they will remain for 18 months. Your ticket will cost you a $105 fine, and if you delay in paying or fighting the ticket, you may incur late fees in addition to the fine.

You don’t want that to happen—particularly if you feel you received the ticket unfairly. Maybe you are certain you did stop, maybe you simply don’t agree with something the officer said or did at the time, or something indicated on your ticket. The point is, a traffic citation is an accusation of an infraction, and you are innocent until the court finds you guilty.

Unless, that is, you admit guilt or plead “no contest” by simply paying the ticket.

Don’t admit guilt. You can, and probably should, fight a failure to obey traffic sign ticket—and attorney James Medows can help. He has years of experience defending drivers against all types of moving violations.

Paying a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign is a Guilty Plea

Can a Brooklyn Lawyer Get My DAT DismissedThat’s right. Paying the ticket may seem like the best thing to do, but in many cases, it isn’t. When you pay a traffic ticket, you’re admitting guilt—and ensuring that you’ll pay the price. Literally.

Fighting a Ticket for Rolling Through a Stop Sign

If you decide to fight the ticket, the police will have to prove you committed the infraction by “clear and convincing evidence,” meaning the judge would have to be 51 percent sure you failed to stop at a stop sign

in order to find you guilty of a moving violation. By pleading guilty or no contest by paying the ticket, you give yourself a zero percent chance of avoiding the fine and points.

Costs Associated With a Disobeying a Stop Sign Ticket

Fines, fees and an increase in your insurance premiums are a certain result if you fail to contest your failure to stop ticket. Here’s a breakdown of the current fine schedule:

  • Fine for first offense: $105
  • Fine for second offense within 18 months: $210
  • Fines for third and subsequent offenses may vary
  • Late fees will apply if you wait until past the due date to either pay the fine or enter a “not guilty” plea (announcing your intention to fight the ticket)

In addition to the fine and any late fees that may apply, you’re going to see three points added to your license for 18 months. This is where the heavy, and often overlooked, expense lies. Those three points are certain not to be overlooked by your insurance company, or by any insurer with whom you apply for coverage.

Because insurance companies use their own criteria to determine your premiums, you could even see a rate hike that lasts as long as three years. Additionally, if you have a poor driving record—even if you only have one moving violation currently on your license—they may raise your premiums even further.

You may find yourself having to spend time shopping for a new auto insurance company. Your rates are still likely to go up considerably, but you may save money by switching insurers. Your valuable time may be better spent fighting the ticket and avoiding increased insurance costs altogether.

Your Defense for a Disobeying a Traffic Device in NYC

People often ask, “Should I fight my ticket even if I really am guilty?”

The answer is yes. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Just as with a misdemeanor or felony crime, you are presumed innocent until you admit guilt or are found guilty. It is absolutely in your best interest to go down fighting, as it were.

Why Should I Fight My Ticket for Running a Stop Sign?

By not fighting the ticket, you ensure that you’ll incur the costs described above. Additionally, while you have points on your license, penalties for any subsequent traffic violations will be steeper. Don’t go down without a fight.

Attorney James Medows has years of experience helping drivers escape unfair penalties and defend against moving violations of all types. His knowledge of New York City traffic laws and his determination to help his clients makes James a powerful ally in NYC traffic court.

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