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NYC Moving Violation Lawyer

A broad range of traffic offenses can be called moving violations, but all of them can have similarly negative consequences. Work with an NYC moving violation attorney to beat your traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets of all kinds are pricey problems and can involve days, if not weeks, of struggling with the courts—even if you’re innocent. You’ll also have to look out for the insurance company greatly increasing your premiums.

If you’re up against a wall and don’t want your finances and driving record damaged, you need to contest the ticket. Your immediate course needs to be seeking out an NYC moving violation lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows so we can begin the investigation and build your defense.


Traffic Fines and License Points

When you pay a traffic ticket fine, you are essentially pleading guilty to a crime. You may face fines, driver responsibility assessments, and points on your license as a result.

These consequences can devastate a middle class family’s finances for months or years.


Types of Moving Violations

All of the many types of moving violations you can be charged with can cost hundreds of dollars and earn you license points that will eventually cost you much more. Some of the more common violations and their associated fines and points include the following:

  • Speeding Penalties for speeding are determined by how fast you were going. These tickets can include fines between $130 and $1,060, and your license will be given between three and eleven points.
  • Tailgating Following another driver too closely will earn you a fine between $85 and $535, along with four license points.
  • Failure to Stop – Failing to stop for a school bus is taken very seriously. This violation will get you a $343 to $1,093 fine and five points on your license.
  • Cell Phone Use – Using your cell phone or any other electronic device while driving carries a fine between $50 and $450, as well as five license points.
  • Failing to Obey Traffic Signals or Signs – Running a red light or stop sign earns between $100 and $1,000 in fines and three license points.
  • Other – Any moving violation that doesn’t have a specific penalty carries a two-point charge on your license.


License Suspension

NYC moving violation fines can put many people into debt, but the real trouble comes with the license points. Reaching six within eighteen months means you must pay a driver responsibility assessment of $100 per year for three years, plus $25 for anything over. Once you reach eleven points within eighteen months, your license is suspended until you pay your way through a driving class—and you still have to pay the assessments.


Insurance Rate Increases

Perhaps the most expensive and problematic aspect of any ticket is the insurance hikes that are all but guaranteed to come with it. Each insurance company keeps track of violations in its own way, and these price hikes can last up to three years.

If things get serious enough, the insurer may even drop you at the next legal opportunity, forcing you to go with pricey high-risk insurers.


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Whether you rolled through a stop sign or you’re facing a reckless driving charge, the potential consequences are serious. Fortunately, we can help you avoid the most serious penalties or even have your ticket thrown out.

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