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14 Nov will traffic ticket raise my insurance?

will traffic ticket raise my insurance?

When it comes to auto insurance, most people are confused about what exactly affects their rates. For example, does getting a speeding ticket raise your premiums? The short answer is that it depends on how serious your offense was. While some are just an inconvenience—like parking tickets—others may result in points being added to your driving record. If you have enough points accumulated over time, you may be required to pay higher premiums or even be dropped by your insurance company. However, there are ways you can fight traffic tickets and reduce fines so that they don’t harm your auto insurance rates in the long run.

Some people think that fighting a traffic ticket will increase their insurance rates. It turns out that is only true if you ignore your ticket and end up with points on your license, which could happen if you try to fight and lose. If you want to know how much fighting a single offense might raise your premiums, contact your insurance provider directly. They can tell you exactly what effect an individual violation would have—and even provide discounted rates for customers who maintain good driving records. Here are some of their most common questions regarding keeping good grades on our licenses

There are multiple reasons to consider paying a traffic ticket. One of these is that if you’re late to your court date, your driver’s license can be suspended—no matter whether or not you plead guilty to the violation. Another reason is that fighting a speeding or other moving violation can sometimes result in points being added to your driving record, which will raise your insurance rates. In some cases, however, fighting a ticket can make sense even if it means incurring higher insurance rates down the road: for example, if you’re concerned about receiving two tickets in one year and don’t want one citation on your driving record.

Yes, if you want to keep your insurance premiums low it’s important to keep your record clean of minor violations. However, it doesn’t mean that you should always pay a fine without contesting it. Traffic ticket lawyers can help defend you against bogus violations and excessive fines that might actually put a blemish on your otherwise spotless driving record. In some cases, fighting back could save you from having points added to your license as well as from receiving unnecessary fines. In most states traffic attorneys will also help prevent outstanding tickets from being sent to collections or warrant collections as long as payments are made on time and in full. You may even be able to have points reduced on an old violation if it is re-opened for some reason.