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14 Nov will traffic ticket raise my insurance in New York

will traffic ticket raise my insurance in New York

Many drivers think that fighting a traffic violation won’t make much of a difference, and it will only add to their financial troubles. However, not all tickets are created equal, and you should know when your insurance rates could go up in New York. In some cases, whether or not you have been convicted will have no effect on your auto insurance rate. And yes, if you’re from New York, that does mean there are tickets for which your car insurance will not be affected in any way.

There are lots of reasons to consider fighting your speeding or red light tickets, but not many that apply to insurance. As long as you haven’t been in multiple accidents within 12 months, an isolated ticket will have no impact on your rate. The same is true for tickets in other states—as long as they’re handled by DMV offices or agencies outside of New York. Similarly, if you were injured in an accident and received special treatment from police officers at the scene (like letting you go with a warning), it may be worth contesting for peace of mind . But overall, don’t expect fighting tickets to save money on car insurance: About 3 percent of consumers think their premiums will go down if they successfully appeal their tickets.

There are a number of reasons why fighting a traffic ticket can be worthwhile. For example, if you’re running late to work or school, it could help you avoid paying additional fines for being late to your job or missing class altogether. Also, although small fines for speeding tickets sound good, those revenue-generating tickets may actually cost you more in the long run if they lead to an increase in insurance premiums over time. When considering whether it’s worth fighting a traffic citation or letting it go, think about how much time and money you’d end up spending if you let your points rack up on your license.