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15 Nov will speeding ticket raise my insurance

will speeding ticket raise my insurance

Getting pulled over and slapped with a speeding ticket is never fun, but it’s particularly problematic if you have an outstanding warrant or other infraction. If you do, your options are limited: Pay up and hope to get home without being arrested. Apply for traffic school and save on points. Or fight your ticket in court, likely hiring an attorney to help out. But what if your driving record is already pristine? What if going to court will cost more than just paying off your fine? In those situations, fighting a speeding ticket may not be worth it. Here’s why that might be true — and how you can assess whether fighting a traffic citation really makes sense for you based on your unique situation.

Car insurance rates can be affected by how and why you received a speeding ticket. For example, if your violation was related to excessive speeding over 50 miles per hour, you could see an increase in your car insurance rates for several years. However, if you recently received a speeding ticket for going less than 10 miles over the speed limit it won’t affect your car insurance rates much at all. In addition to how fast you were going and what type of violation it was, other factors that might affect your rate include: prior violations or accidents, credit score , age and marital status . Car insurance companies typically treat one-time speeding tickets differently than multiple violations in a short time period.

It’s not uncommon for speeding tickets to be lumped into your monthly insurance bill, but just how much will it raise it? Driving 15 miles per hour over can hike your rates between 15% and 20%. Speeding is considered reckless driving by insurers, so if you have several infractions on your record, you could see up to double-digit increases. Of course, if you have an otherwise clean driving record, your insurer might choose to forgive one transgression. What’s more important to know is that fighting your traffic ticket won’t guarantee that rates will stay low; instead it could go either way.