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15 Nov will speeding ticket raise my insurance in New York

will speeding ticket raise my insurance in New York

If you recently received a speeding ticket, you might have been left wondering if it will affect your insurance. The short answer is: maybe. Different states have different ways of handling speeding tickets and insurance companies treat them differently, so not all states will see an increase in your car insurance rates. In New York, for example, there are two different types of speeding tickets that can be issued—an infraction and a moving violation—and they carry with them completely different consequences. In order to receive an increase in your insurance rate from receiving a speeding ticket, it must be considered a moving violation.

If you get a speeding ticket in New York, you might think that it won’t affect your insurance premiums. After all, your insurance company probably doesn’t have access to any information about what kind of driver you are or whether or not you have gotten tickets in the past. Right? Unfortunately, while there is no direct link between a New York speeding ticket and your car insurance rates, there is definitely some indirect impact on your rates because these things do affect people who have to pay for other drivers’ mistakes. The more reckless drivers on the road, whether they are speeders or not, create an environment where insurers need to charge higher premiums in order to cover themselves from possible lawsuits.

Speeding tickets in New York will not raise your insurance rates. When your insurance company reviews your driving record, they do not calculate points for speeding tickets. They only consider serious driving violations such as accidents or drunk driving convictions. Speeding is a minor offense and thus does not add points to your driver’s license or add to your car insurance premiums. The one exception might be if you received multiple speeding tickets in one year, in which case you may receive up to three points on your license and an increased rate when it comes time to renew. But if you have one speeding ticket, don’t worry about it affecting anything else — including how much you pay for car insurance. A speeding ticket won’t raise your rates because getting tickets doesn’t cause auto insurance companies any financial burden.