Will a DAT Go On My Record?

25 May Will a DAT Go On My Record?

When you receive a desk appearance ticket, you’ve technically been arrested. Many people get it confused, because the handcuffs are absent and they haven’t been “booked” into jail.

will a dat go on my recordYou can get a DAT for anything from a disorderly conduct charge to possession of a small amount of marijuana. The difference with a desk appearance ticket is that the arresting officer thinks that you’ll actually show up in court; if he or she didn’t, it’s pretty likely that you’d be in the back of a squad car.

Many people ask whether a DAT will become part of their criminal record. The answer is a little complicated, because in some cases, the charges are dismissed and the record is sealed. That means while it’s there, very few people will have access to it; if you’re trying to join the military or get a government job, or a job in healthcare, it may show up – but otherwise, landlords and ordinary employers won’t be able to see it.

In other cases, the charges are lowered to a non-criminal offense. If the record is sealed, the result is the same: it won’t appear on most criminal record searches.

In cases where a negotiated plea to a violation offense is established, the individual will not have a criminal record because a violation offense is not a crime in New York. Essentially, when you plead guilty to a violation, it is similar to pleading guilty to speeding, which is a non-criminal offense.

Conviction After a Desk Appearance Ticket

If you’re convicted of the charges listed on your desk appearance ticket, then naturally, they will be put on your criminal record.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a DAT lawyer in Brooklyn – one who understands how important your desk appearance ticket is and one who can help formulate an effective strategy against the charges being levied against you.

Your lawyer will be able to talk to the court on your behalf. He might be able to negotiate a more favorable charge or, in some cases, get the charges dismissed entirely. While there’s no guarantee that any judge will rule in a particular way, working with an attorney might help ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

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