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03 Jan Why Should I Fight My New York Speeding Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

Why Should I Fight My New York Speeding Ticket? 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

Many people view speeding tickets as a mere nuisance, and won’t hesitate to plead guilty and pay the fine if they are stopped by a police officer and hit by a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, as the gurus over at ny-defense.com point out, many people aren’t aware of the hidden costs associated with New York speeding tickets and the fact that they will cost you more than just the fine you will have to pay. This is because, in addition to your fine, your New York Speeding ticket will force you to pay an $80-$85 surcharge and the conviction will also likely make your insurance premium skyrocket. In addition to the monetary costs, getting 3 speeding convictions in 18 months or accumulating 11 points within the same period will result in the suspension of your New York license. Consequently, pleading guilty or getting convicted of a speeding violation will lead to the conviction going into your driving record which may have negative repercussions, particularly if you are looking for a job. This is why it is always important to fight your speeding ticket, and this article will look to highlight 15 reasons why you should use ny-defense.com if you are looking to fight your New York speeding ticket.

They will help get the speeding ticket dismissed

If you choose to fight your speeding ticket, and the gurus over at ny-defense.com recommend that you always try and fight, then the best possible outcome is to have the speeding ticket dismissed. If there were errors during the writing up of your ticket or if the charges being alleged aren’t proven, then the speeding ticket is likely to be dismissed. Hiring a good and experienced New York traffic lawyer will increase the chances of getting a dismissal as opposed to representing yourself. This is one of the reasons why you should use ny-defense.com, as the lawyers over there have got the expertise and experience to find errors and evidence that may lead to a dismissal, meaning that you won’t accumulate any points nor pay a fine if possible. Hiring them gives you the best possible chance of getting a dismissal, which is the best outcome you can hope for.

They will help you plea bargain your New York Speeding ticket

New York law gives prosecutors a great amount of discretion when it comes to negotiating plea bargains, and it is not guaranteed that you will get one, let alone get one that is favorable according to ny-defense.com. Also, even if you get a plea bargain, given your lack of experience when it comes to such matters, it is unlikely that you will be able to tell whether the deal is a good one or not, or even if you could have done better with it. Hiring a good and experienced New York traffic lawyer, like those over at ny-defense.com, will give you a better chance of not only getting a deal from the prosecutor, but also of getting the best deal possible as far as your case is concerned. The lawyers over at ny-defense.com know the negotiating process and know what to tell the prosecutor to get the best deal possible, something a driver representing themselves cannot be able to say.

They know the prosecutor

The beauty of working with top-rated New York traffic lawyers like those over at ny-defense.com is that they know prosecutors in the state, having worked with them for numerous cases over the years. Not all prosecutors are the same, and while others may only be willing to lower speeding tickets by 10 mph, others are a lot more acquiescent to reducing speeding tickets to 0-point parking tickets or something in between that won’t be as harsh on you. The lawyers over at ny-defense.com know prosecutors in New York, are familiar with them and will be best placed to get you a reduction or a better deal than what you would have gotten had you not used them or had you gone it alone.

They have intimate knowledge of dealing with TVB speeding tickets

A TVB speeding ticket means that your case will be heard in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). As is outlined over at ny-defense.com, the TVB handles traffic court cases involving violations committed in the 5 boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island) as well as in the cities of Rochester and Buffalo (but not their suburbs). There is no plea bargaining in the TVB, and since the TVB operates under its own rules and regulations, it is prudent to hire an attorney who handles a lot of TVB cases, like those over at ny-defense.com. The lawyers over at ny-defense.com have got a stellar record when it comes to handling such cases and known various strategies that have been known to work, including postponing the case to try and increase the chances of the police officer not showing up at trial, and with it, the likelihood of your case being dismissed; a practice that is commonly followed in the TVB. Also, although it is rarely vocalized, the TVB will give deference to a lawyer that won’t be afforded to a driver who attempts to represent themselves.

They know the strategies used against any equipment or devices used to justify your charge

There are lots of techniques, equipment, and devices that a New York police officer can use to justify writing you a speeding ticket. As covered over at ny-defense.com, they include Radar guns, visual estimations, and police pacing methods. A good and experienced New York traffic lawyer, like the ones over at ny-defense.com, will know all the strategies used to poke holes in such evidence and show that the devices or equipment used weren’t well-calibrated. They include the Knight case to argue against a Radar speeding ticket, the Riedinger rule to argue against a visual estimation speeding ticket, and the Leatherbarrow holding to argue against a pacing speeding ticket. This is why using them is the best option if you are fighting a speeding ticket and want to get the best results possible.

The above discussion shows clearly that using ny-defense.com when fighting your speeding ticket is the best option, and that fighting your speeding ticket is something you should always consider doing given the associated consequences of not doing so.