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14 Nov why fight a traffic ticket?

So should I just pay it and get over it?

No way! There are so many ways to try and beat these charges without an attorney:

Reduce fines by negotiating with authorities Seek early dismissal by challenging evidence through motion hearing Challenge infractions through court case with an assigned judge Have an officer who has violated traffic laws testify on behalf of defendant

How To Choose a Traffic Ticket Attorney in New York City

If you’ve been charged with a violation by NYC DOT, NYPD, or any other local law enforcement agency in New York City, choosing an attorney to handle your traffic ticket is important. Not all attorneys can handle all cases, and not all tickets are violations that require an attorney—so it’s important to know what type of violation you have before meeting with an attorney. Traffic violations fall into three categories: civil infractions, criminal charges, and parking tickets. Traffic lawyers typically focus on one area of practice or another—some specialize in criminal law while others focus exclusively on civil infractions—so you’ll want to ask them how much experience they have handling your specific type of violation.

Why Seek Legal Counsel For Your Traffic Tickets

Fines for minor infractions are usually not all that expensive. But what you may not realize is that fines are usually only part of what you’ll have to pay out if you get pulled over. It can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hire an attorney for your tickets, especially if it’s an attorney who specializes in traffic law.