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14 Nov why fight a traffic ticket in New York City

Having lived in New York City for ten years, I’ve received my fair share of parking tickets. They can be frustrating and incredibly costly if you just let them go unpaid. However, there are ways to contest your NYC traffic ticket to reduce your fine and sometimes even get it dismissed entirely—but only if you know how to handle it correctly. To avoid paying hundreds of dollars in fines for things like parking violations, make sure you follow these five steps: 1) Read The Ticket Carefully 2) Call The Phone Number On The Back Of Your Ticket 3) Pay Your Fine Within 48 Hours 4) Be Aware Of Traffic Court Dates 5) Research Traffic Court Judges In Your Area These tips will help ensure that you pay as little as possible when fighting a NYC parking violation.

A car owner may choose to contest a NYC traffic citation through an informal hearing, or they may opt to hire a lawyer and pursue their case in Criminal Court. A driver who chooses to contest an offense in court has several options for fighting their case, including either pleading guilty or not guilty. Those who are charged with more serious offenses have even more options available, including the option of fighting their charges by pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Choosing how to proceed is often confusing, but knowing what you are up against is half the battle. Traffic-ticket lawyers will generally evaluate your situation and offer you counsel on how best to proceed within 30 minutes of speaking with you over the phone.

If you’ve received a parking ticket, you might be tempted to just pay it. But if you know your rights, contesting your fine can save you time and money. Fight It! New York offers simple instructions on how to file an appeal against parking tickets, whether they are issued by NYC or another municipality in New York State. Review our step-by-step guide below on how to contest your NYC parking violation notice. Don’t let unfair fines cost you more money than they should.