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22 Oct Why did you get a speeding ticket in New York City?

Why did you get a speeding ticket in New York City?

If you’ve ever received a speeding ticket in New York City, you’re definitely not alone. Speeding tickets are handed out like candy here, and if you live or drive through the city you’ve probably received one before. To save some of our fellow citizens (and non-citizens) from getting hit with this unfortunate fine, we decided to find out exactly why people get speeding tickets in New York City. Here are our results!

I was going over 80 miles per hour

According to New York State law, if your speed is more than 30 mph over the posted limit, then your ticket will have two points on it. Of course, if you’re able to fight these tickets in court and prove that you weren’t breaking any laws at all, then that’s even better for your driving record.

I was going under 80 miles per hour

I got my first NYC speeding ticket for going 57 mph in a 30 mph zone. I’m not proud of it, but I was late to an appointment and wanted to make up some time. While we all know that no one is ever that important, we also know that sometimes life does not always afford us with choices. I was rushing to meet someone and ran into trouble on my way there.

What if I am from another country?

If your license is from out of state, it must be translated to English. If your driver’s license is not available, then an official translation must be obtained. A foreign government-issued photo ID that is not written in English or does not have an English translation must be accompanied by either an official translation or an international driving permit. All documents should be presented to NY DMV offices for review. Translation services are available at a number of sites online and/or within office buildings throughout New York.

What if I paid my traffic ticket already?

If your traffic ticket has already been paid, there is no need to visit or call our office. You may call or visit your court clerk to obtain proof of payment if needed for other jurisdictions. Please note that paying your traffic violation does not dismiss it from your driving record.