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29 May Who is Receiving a Traffic Ticket in New York State? 20 Tips

Who is Receiving a Traffic Ticket in New York State? 20 Tips

We all know that a lot of traffic tickets are issued in New York every year, given that it’s one of the most prolific states when it comes to issuing traffic tickets as discussed at ny-defense.com, but who is receiving these tickets? This article is going to look at the gender and age statistics when it comes to issuing of traffic tickets in New York State.

Traffic tickets by gender

Statistics show that there are huge discrepancies as far as the issuing of traffic tickets is concerned when it comes to gender. Men receive more tickets than women in New York as per discussions on the same at ny-defense.com, with about 67% of traffic tickets being issued to males and 33% being issued to females.

Men are more likely to be ticketed than women

According to data from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), men are about 2.5 times as likely to get a ticket than women. This shows that after a traffic stop, men are more than twice as likely to come out of one with a traffic ticket as compared to women.

Men get stopped more

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that men are ticketed more often than women in New York State, and generally across the country too. This is because statistics show that men are more likely to be pulled over by cops as compared to women, with studies showing about 10% of all male drives get stopped by cops, with only about 6% of female drivers getting stopped.

Are there more men than women on New York roads?

To make a fair comparison, we need to establish if there are more men than women on New York roads, as this could skew the data. As outlined at ny-defense.com, when averaging New York City with the rest of the state, you will find that both men and women make up about half of the drivers on the road, showing that the number of male drivers is about the same as the number of female drivers on New York roads.

Could testosterone be a factor?

Given that both men and women make up about half of the drivers on the road in New York State, the question that begs is, why do men get ticketed more often than women? There are many varying opinions about why this discrepancy exists. One theory that has been put out there is that men have higher levels of testosterone, making them more aggressive, and, therefore, more likely to break traffic laws.

Women are more likely to talk their way out of trouble

Another theory that has been advanced to explain why there is a discrepancy between the number of traffic tickets handed to male drivers as compared to female drivers is that women are more likely to get out of a citation by “sweet-talking” the officer, something that men can’t do nearly as effective. This is a theory that most police officers deny, as they are adamant that they don’t take into account the sex of the driver when dishing out tickets.

Insurance rates are cheaper for women

If there was any doubt that women are less likely to get ticketed than men, then such doubts are allayed by the fact that just about every insurance company in America agrees with the fact the women are safer drivers than men, which is why their insurance rates are cheaper, at least up until a certain age as explained at ny-defense.com.

Traffic tickets by age

Speaking of age, it is another demographic where huge discrepancies have been observed when it comes to the number of traffic tickets being issued to drivers in New York State. As is expected, most tickets, when you factor in age, were issued to young drivers.

Drivers in their twenties are the most notorious

As already mentioned, most tickets issued in New York State are issued to younger drivers, and in particular those drivers in their 20s according to ny-defense.com. Statistics show that the entire top-10 most ticketed drivers in New York by age were in their 20s.

Drivers under the age of 20 are less likely to be ticketed

While it is true that younger drivers get more tickets as the data shows, it is worth pointing out that drivers between the ages 16 years and 20 years are ticketed a lot less when compared to those in their 20s and 30s.

Younger drivers are likely to use their phones while driving

Having pointed out how younger drivers get more tickets than older ones, it is time to explore why this could be the case. As per ny-defense.com, several reasons have been advanced to explain this trend, one of them being the fact that younger drivers, particularly those between ages 25-34, are more likely to use their phones while driving, which means that they are more liable to get tickets for such behavior.

Younger drivers lack experience

Another probable reason that explains why younger drivers get more traffic tickets is their lack of experience. Younger drivers don’t have the experience that older drivers have on the road, which means that they are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law when it comes to traffic rules and laws.

Younger drivers are more aggressive

Youth is synonymous with high levels of energy and aggression, and it, therefore, comes as little surprise that younger drivers are much more likely to engage in aggressive driving as compared to older drivers. As captured at ny-defense.com, this means cutting in front of other drivers, making obscene or angry gestures towards other drivers, using the shoulder to pass in heavy traffic, speeding, etc., hence why they are more liable to getting ticketed.

Drivers under 20 are more responsible

As already mentioned, drivers between the ages of 16-20 are among those who receive the least number of traffic tickets. This can be attributed to the fact that, while they like experience, they are still new to driving and are unlikely to take any unnecessary risks on the road.

Older drivers receive fewer tickets

The data also showed that drivers above the age of 50 received the least number of traffic tickets, with those older than 60 receiving the fewest tickets, with the figure standing just over 50,000 speeding tickets. When you compare this to the fact that drivers in their 20s receive an annual average of about 200,000 speeding tickets, it shows how careful older drivers are.

Why is this the case?

As is discussed over at ny-defense.com, older drivers tend to be more experienced when it comes to driving and are less likely to violate traffic laws while driving. They also tend to be more a lot more mellow as compared to younger drivers, which means they are unlikely to drive aggressively.

Older drivers are also more responsible

Given that most of them are parents and grandparents, older drivers are a lot more responsible in general, and this extends to their behavior on the road. You are unlikely to find them running red lights or using their cell phones while driving.

Anger issues and age

Age and anger issues are also usually linked, which is why such issues are observed in young people as compared to older ones. Cases of road rage and aggressive driving are witnessed more among younger drivers, and they are more likely to cause aggressive driving crashes and get ticketed, because of that.

Insurance rates and age

The fact that insurance rates vary with age also dovetails with the fact that some age demographics are likely to get ticketed compared to others. When you are young, your rates will be expensive, reinforced by the fact that younger drivers get more tickets according to ny-defense.com. Experienced drivers in their mid-30s to late-50s have greater driving skills and road maturity, hence why their insurance rates are lower, reinforced by the fact that they get ticketed less.

What about organizations?

When we talk about who is getting ticketed in New York State, it is not all about gender and age, but we should also consider organizations. According to statistics, organizations are issued with about 160,000 tickets, which is significantly less than those given to personal drivers. This makes sense since drivers driving for organizations tend to be more careful on the road to avoid losing their jobs as a result of traffic violations.

If you are issued with a traffic ticket in New York, regardless of your age and gender, reach out to ny-defense.com for more information on how you can be assisted with your ticket.