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03 Jan Where Does Traffic Ticket Money Go? 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

Where Does Traffic Ticket Money Go? 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

Traffic tickets may be an inconvenience to most of us, and you will never hear anyone say that they enjoy being pulled over for a traffic violation, but they are beneficial since the ultimate goal of traffic enforcement is to deter unsafe driving practices, prevent crashes, and make the roads safe for all every person on the road as per ny-defense.com. Given that there are many traffic violations one can fall foul of while on the road, most of us have at one time or the other received a traffic ticket. Given the vast amounts of money collected each year in traffic ticket money, have you ever wondered where the money goes? Well, according to discussions over at ny-defense.com, where the money goes depends on where the ticket was issued as well as who issued the ticket. Different states and cities across the country allocate their traffic ticket money differently. Also, where the money goes will depend on who issued the ticket. For example, if the traffic ticket was issued by county law enforcement, then the base fine usually goes to the issuing county. Similarly, if the traffic ticket was issued by a city police officer, then the ticket money goes to that city. On the other hand, if a ticket is issued by Highway Patrol, then the money from the traffic ticket usually goes to the country or city where the stop occurred.

Different jurisdictions across the country use the revenue they receive from base fines in a wide variety of ways. Likewise, penalties added to the base fine are also distributed to many different areas depending on the jurisdiction. A speeding ticket in New York for example, as covered over at ny-defense.com, costs at least $150, plus a mandatory surcharge of up to $93, and also incurs three points on your driver’s license. The higher above the speed limit you are, the higher the fine and the points incurred. When you add this to the fact that conviction for a traffic offense can also increase your auto insurance premiums, you begin to see how costly getting a traffic ticket can be. This is why if you have been hit by a traffic ticket you should always consider fighting it. If you are considering fighting your New York traffic ticket, then your best bet for a positive outcome is the top-rated ny-defense.com, and the following are 5 reasons why you should use him.

He can help get your traffic ticket dismissed

As ny-defense.com always points out, just because you have been hit by a traffic ticket doesn’t mean that you will be convicted of the offense. Your traffic ticket may have errors or may not have been written properly, which may provide grounds for dismissal. Your traffic ticket may also be undeserved since the subjective nature of some of the traffic offenses mean that there are people who get hit by tickets that are unfair and undeserved. The highly-rated ny-defense.com will help you fight your ticket, and if possible, get it dismissed, which is the best possible outcome you can hope for if you are hit by a traffic ticket.

He can help get your charge reduced

A good and experienced traffic attorney, like ny-defense.com, can also negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your charge down to a less serious one that will carry a lesser fine and no or fewer points on your driver’s license. While traffic tickets in New York City are handled in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) system, where there is no plea bargaining, traffic tickets in the rest of the state are handled in traffic court, and the excellent ny-defense.com will use his negotiating skills, his experience, and his relationships with police officers and prosecutors to get you the best possible deal, which includes negotiating down your moving violation to a non-moving violation which won’t come with points on your driver’s license.

He will help you understand your rights

If you have been hit by a traffic ticket, then the best course of action is to fight it with the help of a top-rated traffic attorney like ny-defense.com. This is because they can help you avoid doing or saying anything that could prove to be detrimental to your case. They will also explain to you what your options are, what each of them means, and the repercussions of each. For example, most people don’t know that paying your ticket is the same as pleading guilty and that it will come with a bunch of repercussions, including increased insurance premiums as covered over at ny-defense.com. Your attorney will help you with all of that.

Save time

Also, for the majority of the traffic offenses, you don’t actually need to go to court and your attorney can attend court on your behalf as covered over at ny-defense.com. The top-rated ny-defense.com will do just that for you, representing you in court and making your case, trying to get your traffic ticket dismissed if possible, are negotiating your charge down to a lesser one, ensuring that you don’t have to pay a big fine or accrue too many points on your driver’s license, which could lead to the suspension of your license.

He will level the playing field

You best believe that when it comes to traffic cases, the prosecution understands the law and knows exactly what they are doing as per ny-defense.com. The prosecution aims to prove the case against you and get a conviction, which is why, rather than opting to represent yourself, you should bring in a good and experienced traffic attorney like ny-defense.com, who will level the playing field and ensure that you are not at a disadvantage. Additionally, in most courts, including the TVB, judges give deference to lawyers, which won’t be afforded to you if you opt to go it alone.

While it is important to have an idea of where traffic ticket money goes to, it is also important to note that you don’t have to pay your ticket if you are hit by one, particularly given the accompanying consequences. This is why the excellent ny-defense.com is here to help if you want to fight your traffic ticket.