What to Expect with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brooklyn

25 May What to Expect with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brooklyn

What to Expect with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in BrooklynDomestic violence is a crime in the state of New York, and if a judge convicts you of this type of abuse, you’re facing serious penalties.

Many people make the mistake of defending themselves or relying on a public defender for help.

In most cases, those are both bad ideas. First, defending yourself is like walking through a legal minefield. Do you know when police are violating your rights by asking certain questions? Are you aware that sometimes, in the heat of a line of questioning, prosecutors cross the line in the courtroom and can attempt to lead you into giving the answer they want you to give?

Working with a public defender should be an absolute last resort. That’s not to say that public defenders aren’t extremely capable lawyers – but it is to say that they’re overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed. You may meet your public defender moments before you enter the courtroom, giving him or her nearly no time to prepare a solid defense strategy.

When Should You Call a Brooklyn Domestic Violence Lawyer?

You should call a Brooklyn DV lawyer as soon as someone levies accusations against you. Accused of hitting your wife? Call a lawyer. Blamed for abusing your domestic partner? Call a lawyer.

It’s important that you call a domestic violence lawyer who can put together a strategy that ensures your side of the story comes out – and who’s willing to go to bat for you.

What Your Attorney Will Ask You

Your lawyer will ask you plenty of questions, so be honest. He can’t put together the best possible defense unless you tell him the truth about everything.

Your lawyer will probably ask questions about:

  • Your relationship with the accuser
  • The circumstances surrounding the event
  • Whether you have a history of any type of domestic violence

Going to Court with Your Attorney

If possible, you should retain your lawyer before you’re arraigned (that way he can go with you to your arraignment, where you’ll be formally charged). Your lawyer will help preserve your rights through the entire judicial process and explain every step of the proceedings so you’re never “left in the dark.”

If you’re confused about something, ask. That’s what your attorney is there for – to help you through a difficult situation.

Don’t Risk Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in Brooklyn Alone

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