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22 Oct What is traffic school in NYC?

What is traffic school in NYC?

Learning how to drive in New York City isn’t an easy task—there are tons of one-way streets, drivers who don’t obey traffic laws, and more pedestrians than you can count on two hands. But the biggest challenge facing new drivers in NYC may be mandatory traffic school after receiving your first speeding ticket or other moving violation from the New York City Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). What is traffic school in NYC? Let’s break it down.

Thinking About Traffic School

Traffic schools can be just what they sound like: schools for people who were caught breaking a traffic law and need to get their driver’s license back. Or, you might be wondering if you can earn credit hours towards your driver’s license so that you don’t have to take time off of work. Before choosing a program, it pays to know exactly what traffic school entails and whether or not it will fit into your schedule and your budget.

Benefits of Traffic School

You can keep your ticket off your driving record. While points and insurance increases might be inevitable for some, others may decide they’d like to try and avoid them. By enrolling in traffic school, you may be able to make that happen. It’s worth a shot if you need to get moving with a clear record. You can save money on car insurance after points are removed from your license.

Who Can Attend Traffic School

If you have gotten a ticket or have been pulled over by police, you may be wondering what happens next. The court might give you an option to take traffic school instead of paying a fine. Traffic school is also known as defensive driving class. While you will not receive any sort of credit for taking classes, it can help reduce your insurance rates or keep points off your license.

How To Go to Traffic School

Want to learn how to go to traffic school in New York City for your moving violation ticket(s)? Here’s what you need to know!

What are the Costs Associated With Traffic School?

If you’re younger than 18, and received a ticket for a non-criminal offense (e.g., minor moving violation), it’s highly likely that you were required to attend a DMV-approved driver safety course. This falls under traffic school, which refers to classes that must be taken by drivers with tickets on their records.

Do I Have to Take Traffic School if I am Under 18 Years Old?

If you are a teenager who received a summons for a moving violation, it might be possible to have your ticket changed from a criminal court complaint to an Article 98 ticket. In order to receive an Article 98, your summons must have been issued before you turned 18 years old. If you turn 18 and still owe fines and fees from that incident, then it is possible that you will need to take traffic school if ordered by the court.