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10 Dec What if someone else was driving my car, but I received the ticket for a violation?

What if someone else was driving my car, but I received the ticket for a violation?

If another person is driving your car, then they are held accountable for any violations. It doesn’t matter whether or not they had permission to be driving it at that moment, if you’re in a car, then that’s your responsibility. If someone else drives your car without permission and gets caught by an officer, they will be held responsible for that violation. However, even though it was technically their fault (because it wasn’t yours), even if they were found guilty of violating traffic laws, depending on how serious of an offense it was, you may also get issued some sort of citation as well.

If you are issued a ticket for an infraction committed in NYC, but someone else was driving at the time, be sure that they are listed as an additional driver on their insurance policy. If not, and they happen to get pulled over, there could be serious consequences for both parties. Not only will you still be responsible for paying any fines associated with an infraction committed in your vehicle, but it can also impact how much (or even if) insurance companies pay out claims in cases of bodily injury. Additonal drivers do not appear on your license and should never be used as a means of covering-up or falsifying information. Instead they are intended to serve as a precautionary measure so that all parties are covered in case of an unfortunate incident or mistake.

In most cases, that won’t matter. If another person was driving your car, they should still be listed as an authorized driver on insurance policies, and their license will likely be suspended if they are convicted of violating traffic laws. The registered owner of a vehicle is held responsible for any tickets or violations issued when their car is being driven by someone else.

If someone else was driving, but they used your car without permission and they got pulled over, you would be responsible for paying any fines issued. In addition, if that person had an outstanding violation or was in possession of drugs while driving your car, those tickets will be sent to you as well. The best course of action is make sure people are using cars correctly. Many drivers use GPS technology like Waze or Google Maps when taking long trips so people can alert them of nearby red lights or speed traps along their route. Before allowing anyone else to drive take a look at their record – make sure they don’t have any outstanding violations from other states and always ask them if they have been drinking beforehand.