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10 Dec What if I get points on my license?

What if I get points on my license?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will add two points to your driving record if you are convicted of careless driving due to a crash. If that happens, and if, in addition, you accumulated six or more points from violations within an 18-month period, DMV will suspend your license for 60 days. For each additional point beyond eight within an 18-month period, DMV can also extend that suspension period by another 30 days.

If you’re convicted of a moving violation that carries three or more points, it is likely that your insurance company will increase their premiums for at least three years. Not only that, but it could be much worse. Some insurance companies also tack on an accident forgiveness policy for drivers who get into an accident within two years of applying for coverage with them. So if you get into one wreck within 24 months, these companies will drop your coverage. Ouch!

Getting points on your license means that, if it is a moving violation, you will pay more in insurance premiums. In some cases, your license can be suspended for certain violations. By having an attorney fight for you, he or she might get your ticket reduced to non-moving violations and keep them off of your driving record. Even if there are no insurance points or suspension of your license involved, simply paying a fine without regard to whether it’s fair can cost quite a bit more than hiring an attorney who specializes in traffic tickets. Hiring an experienced attorney can save you money and help make sure that justice is served.