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10 Dec What if I cannot pay a traffic ticket?

What if I cannot pay a traffic ticket?

If you cannot pay a traffic ticket, consider putting in for an adjournment. During an adjournment, there is no punishment against you and your matter will be postponed. The prosecution has two options during an adjournment: dismiss or reschedule for another court date. The advantage of having an adjournment is that it does not go against any future violations, but it still may appear as a violation if pulled up from prior convictions. Keep in mind that this option only applies to minor violations such as parking tickets; more serious offenses like drunk driving or reckless driving will not be given an adjournment. The advantage of having these offenses be dismissed is that they are considered never committed and do not increase points on licenses.

If you cannot pay your ticket in full, there are some ways to pay it off. Sometimes all you can afford is half of what’s owed and other times, it’s as little as 10%. You do not want to risk having points added if they will take away from what you already paid. You also don’t want additional fines or fees added that could make things worse for you. If you choose to hire a Traffic Accident Ticket Lawyer NYC or attorney NYC, they should be able to talk with any officer involved and get those fees removed or reduced. This way there will be no negative impact on your license due in part because of not being able to pay all at once.

Depending on your situation, a judge may offer an alternative sentence that doesn’t involve paying a fine. For example, if it is apparent that your ticket was issued in error and that you weren’t driving, then you may not have to pay at all. But if not, and if you don’t pay within 35 days of receiving notice of your citation, then it will be turned over to a collections agency. At that point, collection agencies will take 10 percent out of whatever money they collect from you.