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23 Apr What Happens When You Don’t Show Up for Traffic Court

If you’ve already pleaded not guilty to a ticket, you’re looking at a date in traffic court for your case. But, life happens, and now you don’t think you’ll make your traffic date. If you don’t, what’s the harm? What happens when you don’t show up for traffic court?

Unfortunately, the consequences can be severe. Before you think about bailing on your traffic court date, inform yourself on the penalties of skipping it. You might also looking into rescheduling options to avoid these consequences. Continue reading to learn more about the penalties for failing to appear in traffic court.

A Default Guilty Plea

When you don’t show up for your traffic court date, the judge will give you a guilty plea by default. Failing to appear in court is treated similarly to pleading guilty, as you failed to defend yourself by even being present.

Additionally, failing to appear for your court date leaves you with all the fees you would have if you had just accepted the ticket and paid the fines. That also means you’ll be subject to receive the associated points on your license and any fines. In other words, you’re in the same position as if you had pleaded guilty in the first place.

Other Penalties for Failing to Appear

Unfortunately, your troubles might not end with the guilty plea, fines, and points on your license. If you fail to appear in court, your license might be suspended until you pay the penalties for not showing up for traffic court.

That only adds to the total amount of fees you’re left with because of a failure to keep your traffic court date. Now, you’ll need to cover all those expenses without the use of your vehicle. That makes it difficult to get to work, to the courthouse, and to other important places until your license is reinstated.

You won’t have the option to dismiss that easily, either. If you try to drive without a license and are pulled over, you could be charged with a crime for doing so. That means even more fines and, if you’re facing criminal charges for driving without a license, you could be facing jail time.

Make Your Traffic Court Hearing with a Lawyer

When you’re facing a looming traffic court date, things might come up, or you might be worried about defending yourself well in traffic court. Whether the date has come and gone, or whether it’s nearly time for your traffic date, you may might be concerned about whether you can make it to court.

What happens when you don’t show up for traffic court? Unfortunately, the consequences for failing to appear can be serious, which is why you might need a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows before you miss your date. If you’re struggling with your ticket, our attorneys can help you make your traffic court date with the evidence you need to fight your traffic ticket.

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