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21 Oct What Happens If You Get a Traffic Ticket in New York City?

What Happens If You Get a Traffic Ticket in New York City?

If you get pulled over in New York City, you may be wondering what happens next. Will you get points on your license? What will happen to your insurance rates? Can you afford to pay the ticket? How do you fight it? The list of questions goes on and on. Fortunately, knowing what happens if you get a traffic ticket in New York City can help take some of the stress out of this potentially overwhelming experience.

1) Fines

The fine for failing to respond to a traffic ticket is $50, and if you continue to miss court dates, your fine will increase by $25 each time until it reaches $200. This means that if you don’t show up on your fifth summons, you’ll be facing a bill of $275. The fines get even higher with parking tickets: violating NYC parking rules can result in fines of more than $100. If these fees aren’t paid on time or at all, they can become debts owed to NYC and go into collections.

2) Points on your License

The points that go on your license depend on what type of violation you committed. The DMV has its own point system, but what matters is how many points are placed on your insurance—not your driver’s license. That’s because some violations are at-fault while others are not, meaning only some violations will cause points to be put on your insurance. You can view which violations give points on your insurance by visiting American Insurance Association .

3) How you can fight your ticket

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, don’t panic. You can fight your ticket and may get it dismissed or get points taken off your license. It is possible to find yourself on informal probation without realizing it. This usually occurs when you receive two tickets for low-level moving violations within 18 months of each other, such as speeding or running through a stop sign. If that happens, you might not know that you are on informal probation because it won’t be listed on your driving record—it will only be mentioned in court paperwork if you receive another ticket while on informal probation.