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09 Jan What do I do if I get a traffic ticket

What do I do if I get a traffic ticket

The first thing you want to do is take it very seriously. In NYC, judges and prosecutors are people who are looking for reasons to dismiss tickets, not fine you or make you do community service. If you go into court unprepared, chances are you’ll lose. To avoid going in unprepared, here’s what we recommend: 1) Write down all details about what happened before and after getting pulled over; 2) Make sure there was no damage and no one was hurt; 3) Get photos of everything that could be documented as evidence (e.g., photos of your car from every angle showing nothing is damaged); 4) Write down all information about where it happened and why—were you on your way home? Were you pulling out of a parking spot?

If you get a traffic ticket, you have three options. You can: 1) pay it, 2) fight it or 3) do nothing and let them take you to court. Paying your fine means that you’re guilty, which could go on your record and affect your insurance rates. It also means that if there is any damage from your alleged offense, like running into another car while changing lanes without signaling, paying could be construed as admitting guilt. If you’re not guilty and plan on fighting, then seeing a lawyer might be best because they can help establish your defense case. A lawyer won’t cost much more than going alone (around $100), but having one will give your chances of winning much higher if found innocent rather than guilty.

When you get pulled over for speeding or another offense, you will be given a summons with an amount of time (either in person or by mail) that you are required to appear at court. You may also receive fines or other penalties from your traffic violation; however, it is often possible to take care of these at the same time as your appearance in court. What happens if I don’t show up: If you fail to show up for court, there are serious consequences—you may face additional fines and even jail time. It’s best not to take chances; make sure that you know where and when your appearance is and try not to miss it.