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12 Apr What Are the Fines for Cell Phone Tickets in New York?

Getting a ticket for driving while using a cell phone can be a frustrating situation. You’re facing penalties, fines, and a possible license suspension, all of which just make things harder on you.

Before you consider paying your ticket, you’ll need to ask one question: What are the fines for cell phone tickets in New York? Often, you may find that it’s not worth it to just pay. Instead, you’ll need to fight back and try to get your ticket dismissed.

If you’ve received a ticket for using your cell phone for calls, playing games, or texting while driving, consider the costs before you pay. You’ll need to know whether to fight back and plead not guilty within a month, so reach out for help if you’re not sure what your New York ticket will cost.

Your Financial Losses

When you’re given a ticket, your first concern may be the fines, which will be costly. Unfortunately, those fees have only gotten higher as cell phone–related accidents become more of a concern.

For you, that means that you could be spending hundreds of dollars, even for a first offense. That first cell phone offense could cost up to $200, and it will only get higher from there.

That could leave you in financial straits. You could be left in debt for these fines, which will make recovering from your ticket more difficult. As such, it’s important to fight back and do what you can to get your ticket reduced or dropped completely.

License Suspension Fees

While points on your license may not seem like a major problem at first, your New York driver’s license could be affected if you choose not to fight back to get a ticket dismissal. That could mean more fines and fees in your near future if you don’t act now.

A cell phone ticket will put five points on your license, which will add up. If you accrue eleven points during an eighteen-month period, your license may be suspended.

Once your license has been suspended, you’re first looking at a period where you’ll be unable to drive while also paying for the car you can’t drive. You’ll still be responsible for paying for your insurance and maintenance as well as your costs for public transportation.

Unfortunately, you’ll also be paying to get your license reinstated. These costs will add up, potentially leaving you in a difficult financial situation.

Don’t Accept Cell Phone Ticket Fines—Contact Your Lawyer

When you’ve gotten a cell phone ticket, it may seem at first like it’s cheapest and easiest to just accept the ticket, pay the fines, and move on. However, with the right traffic ticket lawyer, you’ll have a chance to avoid those fines, keeping your money and your license.

If you’re concerned that your New York driver’s license is in danger, reach out to the cell phone ticket attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows. Our lawyers understand how many underlying costs your cell phone ticket could rack up, possibly leaving you in debt.

Fortunately, we can help you make the right plan for your case, even if you’re only now wondering, “What are the fines for cell phone tickets in New York?” If you’re struggling with your case, reach out by calling 917-856-1247 or by filling out the online form below.