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19 Feb [VIDEO] What is a Desk Appearance Ticket?

Video Transcript

James: Desk appearance ticket means that cops were kind to you.

Normally when you get arrested, it takes 18 to 24 hours by the time you get arrested until the time you see the judge.

When you receive a desk appearance ticket, the officers that arrested you and the precinct made the determination that you know what, you deserve to be arrested but you don’t deserve to stay in jail overnight.

So what they did was they gave you a piece of paper, the desk appearance slip or desk appearance ticket, and it has a date for you to appear back in court.

Don’t take it lightly simply because of the fact that you didn’t go into Bookings.

You’re gonna need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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And if you fail to show up because you think it is a pettier trial, what’s going to happen is there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.

The warrant squad will probably get you and then you’ll spend overnight in jail.

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