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17 Feb [VIDEO] “James, what if you get arrested for drunk driving and refuse to take a breathalyzer?

Video Transcript

James: Well, you’re smart!

You refused to take the breathalyzer and the reason why I say you’re smart is because the district attorney does not exactly know what you’re blood alcohol content was at the time of the incident.

What happens is your license at arraignment, which is the initial court appearance you have with the judge, the judge will suspend your license at arraignment.

So you’re gonna say to yourself, “Oh my God, my license is suspended, what happens then?”

You will receive paperwork in the mail or the court will just give you paperwork letting you know when you have to appear at a safety hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

At the safety hearing, or refusal hearing, what you will have is a hearing not to determine if you were drunk, not to determine if you were in an accident but to determine whether or not the officer who arrested you said in clear and unequivocal language that if you refused to take a blood test, a urine test, a breath test that your license will be suspended and revoked for one year.

That’s the only thing that will happen at the safety hearing.

Does it mean that your case will be dismissed? No.

But if you don’t show up in this refusal hearing, your licensed will be revoked.

That’s right, I said revoked. Taken away for one year.

So what I suggest you do is lawyer up. Contact me. My name is James Medows and I’ll be there at your refusal hearing.

Lawyer up, give me a call. 917-856-1247

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