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18 Feb [VIDEO] What happens when arrested for shoplifting?

Video Transcript

James, you must have a lot of clients that come in because they have been arrested for shoplifting in some store here in Brooklyn – in Century 21 or whatever the store is – what happens then?

James: Well a lot of the times… the answer is Yes, I have a lot of clients in Brooklyn and throughout the city that get arrested for shoplifting.

Penal Law Section 155.25, which is Petty Larceny, it’s a Class A Misdemeanor, it is punishable up to a year in jail.

Normally what happens is you receive a desk appearance ticket, if you’ve never been arrested before or you don’t have any type of outstanding warrants.

A desk appearance ticket means that you’ve been arrested but you’re not gonna actually go through bookings, which is a process that can take 18-24 hours.

So instead of spending the night in jail, you are given a sheet of paper that says come back to court at the later time.

What I’d like to do on the Petty Larceny charge, or shoplifting, or any type of larceny charge, or for the matter any criminal charge – is try to work out some type of deal with the District Attorney that doesn’t involve a criminal record or jail time or probation or any consequences.

If I can, wonderful.

If I can’t, we go to trial.

My goal is to put my client in the best possible position at all times and to give that client as many options as possible.

So what I suggest you do is contact me, my name is James Medows.

My number is on my website.

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