[VIDEO] "James, what happens if I forgot to go to court?" | Law Office of James Medows

16 Feb [VIDEO] “James, what happens if I forgot to go to court?”

“I missed my court appearance date! What should I do?!”

Video Transcript

James: The only thing that will happen is that there will be an outstanding warrant for your arrest.

Don’t take it lightly folks.

What I tell people is that there’s a good possibility that in some point of time you could have a couple of detectives with… burly detectives… with handle-bar mustaches that are going to arrest you, drag you out of your house.

So what you should do is, instead of waiting for the law to come to you, give me a call, my name is James Medows.

My number is on the site.

And I will make arrangements for you to get to the courthouse, have the judge vacate the warrant – which means get rid of the warrant – and you could move on with your life.

Person 1: Great, thank you.