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13 Feb [VIDEO] “James, my kid got arrested, what’s the process and when do I involve you?”

Video Transcript

James: First things first, don’t panic.

Give me a call. My name is James. My number is on my website. You should contact an attorney right away.

The arrest process is as follows. Generally, let’s just imagine you got arrested at the scene with assault with somebody.

The police are gonna ask you some questions.

Under no circumstances should you give statements to the police, keep your mouth shut.

Afterwards law enforcement will take you down to the precinct where they are going to buck you, they’re gonna read Miranda.

Don’t give any statements, wait for me but you should not speak to the police.

They will process you at the precinct, they’re gonna fingerprint you, they’re going to see if you have an outstanding warrants, your criminal history and then they will transport you over to the courthouse.

This is a long process folks.

So be patient, don’t panic, be strong.

I promise you I have done this many times and I’ll protect your rights from beginning to end.

Once you get to the courthouse, they’re going to fingerprint you again, they’re going to see if you have any outstanding warrants, they’re gonna look in your criminal history.

This is going to be somebody from the criminal justice agency whose gonna verify contacts because one of the things the court is interested is to determine whether or not you are flight risk.

The district attorney will recommend bail most of the time and the judge can listen to the district attorney or listen to my advice which is for there to be no bail called ROR (Release on own Recognizance) and eventually you’ll see the judge which is the arraignment and ideally you’ll be released with no bail and you’ll fight your case.

Person 1: Great, thank you.

James: You’re welcome.

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