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20 Feb [VIDEO] Arrested for Bringing Legal Gun(s) into New York, Where Illegal

Video Transcript

James, what can you tell me about gun charges… specifically when a person from another state, where guns are legal, comes in to New York, where guns are illegal, and they get arrested?

James: I can tell you that I find it troubling that here in New York City, there’s this terrible statement to carry a gun, that other states give you the right to carry.

Most importantly, is it’s not just any right it’s your constitutional right to carry a weapon in another state.

What happens though, is that people carry their weapons in another state and it’s second nature to them and when they come to New York they completely forget about it like a cell phone.

They got arrested and their lives could potentially be over if they don’t handle it the right way.

I suggest you give me a call. Lawyer up, give me a call.

My name is James, my number is on the site.

And I’ll protect you.

Because folks, in New York City, you’re not gonna get a slap on the wrist for possessing a weapon.

What’s gonna happen is, you’re going to be a convicted felon.

You’re going to be placed in probation and more importantly there is a possibility that you can go to jail.

Not just any jail but upstate jail folks.

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