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Upper West Side Traffic Ticket Lawyer

What do you do after you’ve been pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation? Most people pay the fine and accept what’s ahead; the financial expense, any additional penalties, and probably higher insurance rates. For many, it seems easier to plead guilty, pay the fine, and move on.


There’s a better option, however.


Fighting the ticket in traffic court is necessary to avoid the penalties that can affect your record, especially when you hire an experienced Upper West Side traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows who has the knowledge necessary to have your ticket dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. Don’t plead guilty and pay the fine; seek the advice of an attorney first.


New York Driving Points

The majority of traffic violations will add points to your driving record. The more points you accumulate, the more severe the consequences. When you reach a total of eleven points, your license will then be suspended for an eighteen-month period.


Common New York Traffic Citations

Traffic tickets are divided into two categories: moving and nonmoving violations. Moving violations are far more serious and carry more points than nonmoving violations.


Your Upper West Side traffic violation lawyer will help you understand your ticket and will investigate to uncover any technical discrepancies that could achieve a good outcome for your case.


Common examples of moving violations include all of the following:


An Upper West Side Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

A common mistake many people make is deciding to fight their traffic ticket on their own, only to be disappointed when nothing changes and their ticket stands. A dedicated Upper West Side traffic ticket lawyer from our firm can aggressively fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


By contesting your ticket based on a technicality, such as a defective radar gun or a traffic light camera, or pleading for a better deal based on your past driving history, your charge could be reduced or completely dismissed. A good Upper West Side traffic violation lawyer will have the negotiating skills and the resources to discover evidence in your favor.


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If you received a traffic citation, don’t just plead guilty and pay the fine. Upper West Side traffic ticket lawyer James Meadows may be able to get your ticket drastically reduced or overturned.


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