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Upper West Side Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Being pulled over for a traffic violation, particularly speeding, can be worrisome for many people. The fees, the points, and the stress over going to court can be overwhelming—even frightening for some people.


Fortunately, there is an Upper West Side speeding ticket lawyer who can go to court for you. At the Law Office of James Medows, we’ll fight your speeding violation and work to reduce the charge or eliminate it completely, if possible.


New York Takes Speeding Seriously

Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations in New York. From driving a few miles over the speed limit to driving twenty miles per hour or more over, the penalties and fines can be harsh. An experienced Upper West Side speeding ticket lawyer is crucial in helping you avoid or reduce the costly consequences.


Points are added to your driving record based on how many miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit you were driving:

  • 1–10 mph over the limit = 3 points
  • 11–20 mph over the limit = 4 points
  • 21–30 mph over the limit = 6 points
  • 31–40 mph over the limit = 8 points
  • 40 or more over the limit = 11 points


New York Speeding Fines

The more points you receive, the higher the cost in fines. Fines start at about $45 and can range up to $600 plus additional surcharges and court costs. The exact amount you are fined depends on the speed you were traveling at when you were ticketed.


We can help you reduce or eliminate these fines and points depending on the circumstances of your case. These are the potential fines you may be facing:

  • Up to 10 mph over the limit you will be fined up to $150, plus about $100 in surcharges
  • 11–30 mph over the limit you will be fined up to $300, plus about $100 in surcharges
  • At more than 30 mph over the limit you will be fined up to $600, plus $100 in surcharges
  • For three or more speeding convictions within eighteen months, your license will be suspended


Your Insurance Rates Will Increase Due to a Speeding Violation

Your auto insurance premiums are based on the risk the insurance company thinks you represent. If you accrue any points on your license, your insurance company will most likely raise your rates until the points are dropped off of your driving record.


While all insurance companies have different rules and guidelines, speeding is considered careless and poses an increased risk of causing an accident. As a result, higher insurance premiums are a typical result.


An Upper West Side Speeding Violation Lawyer Will Help You

By having an Upper West Side speeding ticket lawyer fight your speeding violation, you can avoid the stress of going to court on your own and potentially paying higher penalties. James Meadows has successfully represented thousands of speeding ticket violations throughout New York and helped people just like you protect their record.


Contact Attorney Medows to discuss how he can help you. Call or text now for a free consultation at 917-856-1247, or fill out our online form. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because you’ll have the Law Office of James Medows on your side fighting for your rights.

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