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02 Feb Understand the traffic laws : New York City Traffic Lawyer

Understand the traffic laws : New York City Traffic Lawyer

You don’t need a traffic lawyer, but it sure is nice to have someone on your side. Chances are you already know how strict New York City’s traffic laws are, but if you’re not familiar with them and there are no traffic lawyers in your area, you can find out what they are by checking out New York State’s Driver’s Manual or googling New York City traffic law. It may be worth it for you to learn how strict these laws really are so that you can better defend yourself should you ever get a ticket. In some cases, ignorance of these laws isn’t an excuse.

It’s easy to get a traffic ticket in New York. Police officers will generally hand out a ticket for most violations, and if you’re not paying attention you could even receive multiple tickets for one trip through an intersection. But getting a traffic ticket isn’t necessarily bad news—it can be an opportunity to learn more about your rights and gain some valuable knowledge that can help you win your case. Learn More : 5 Tips to Win Your Traffic Ticket Case : 1) Contact An Attorney: If you plan on pleading not guilty (which is recommended), schedule an appointment with a traffic attorney or your local court system so they can advise you how best to proceed. 2) Understand The Charges: You should familiarize yourself with the laws that apply to your specific violation.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, you may be understandably upset. You may even be terrified at the thought of having a court date and arguing with a judge about what happened. One of your biggest mistakes in dealing with your ticket could be failing to understand all of New York City’s traffic laws before heading into court. So, before heading into court, spend some time familiarizing yourself with all relevant laws surrounding your specific violation—not just those related to speeding or driving under suspension. There are dozens of other traffic offenses that can also lead to points on your license or higher insurance premiums.