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25 Jan Traffic Tickets are Expensive

Traffic Tickets are Expensive

Many people assume that, once they’ve paid off their traffic tickets, they’re home free. However, if you fail to show up for your court date, you could find yourself in hot water and with an even bigger fine. If you do wind up getting slapped with a more severe penalty, it might be worth your while to fight back legally—in New York at least (many states have different rules regarding what happens if you miss your court date). A good lawyer can help get your ticket changed from something worse to something less serious. After all, why risk paying an extra $200 or so when there is someone who can prevent it? While expensive (anywhere from $200-$400), hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is well worth it.

Traffic tickets are just that – traffic tickets, not serious crimes. Why should you pay hundreds of dollars for something so small? Yes, you can probably negotiate with your ticketing officer and take care of things yourself, but if you’re like most people then there are already too many things on your plate to be bothered. Many people treat traffic tickets as just another bill they have to pay every month, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket you didn’t deserve, hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

Did you know that traffic tickets can have several long-term negative effects on your driving record? If you have any traffic ticket convictions (or other moving violations) on your record, your insurance rates could increase. This is because many insurance companies offer lower rates for drivers with good records and higher rates for those with bad ones. In addition, if you’re found guilty of multiple offenses, your license could be suspended by either DMV or court authorities. Even if you live in NYC or another city with great public transportation, missing work due to suspension could severely impact your family’s ability to make ends meet. And finally, even if you manage to avoid consequences from DMV or courts – how does pleading guilty feel? It feels bad! Fortunately, there is an alternative!

If you get caught speeding, running a red light, or using your cell phone while driving and get a traffic ticket in NY, you’ll have to pay fines. On top of that, your insurance premiums will go up and your driver’s license may be suspended. Depending on how many tickets you’ve received, or whether you were injured by another motorist (or even killed), it could take years before your driving record is clear again. It all adds up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and can land you behind bars if you aren’t careful. That’s why hiring an experienced traffic lawyer is so important. At The Goldman Firm, we have experience helping clients who want to appeal their tickets or fight them outright.