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25 Jan Traffic Ticket Attorney Near Me in Sullivan County NY

Traffic Ticket Attorney Near Me in Sullivan County NY

A traffic ticket can seem like an inconvenience, but many people don’t realize how seriously traffic tickets are taken by law enforcement. If you fail to appear in court for even one of your traffic tickets, you could face serious consequences. Not only do these infractions raise your auto insurance premiums and get reported to credit agencies; they can also end up costing you big bucks if you end up losing at trial. When it comes to your driving record, there’s no such thing as no harm, no foul. When it comes to criminal charges like reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter, however—even if you haven’t done anything wrong—you could still be at risk of being charged with a crime based on things that are outside of your control.

When someone is charged with driving while intoxicated, they will be faced with significant penalties if convicted. There are harsh fines and surcharges that come along with most DWI charges. The individual may have to appear before judges on several occasions. In addition, individuals who have criminal records can see those records being tarnished by having to answer yes to job application questions about previous convictions. When people face these types of consequences, it can help to have an attorney that works specifically with traffic violations and DWI cases. These attorneys will be able to assist their clients through every stage of their cases and may also negotiate better deals for their clients when working out plea agreements with prosecutors on their behalf.

Don’t let points on your license impact your insurance. Don’t be forced to attend defensive driving school if you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t be forced to pay fines or perform community service when you were stopped for an honest mistake. A traffic ticket attorney from my firm can help. Our services are specifically designed to help you avoid these situations, and we have successfully worked with our clients to achieve that goal many times over. We do not just assist our clients with fighting their tickets, however; we also advocate for them at trial, so they don’t need to worry about appearing in court either.