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29 May Top 20 Tips if You Got a Speeding Traffic Ticket in New York

Top 20 Tips if You Got a Speeding Traffic Ticket in New York

No one wants to get a traffic ticket, and when the violation is speeding, the fines and other penalties can not only be substantial, but they can also be long-lasting as discussed at If you have been given a speeding traffic ticket in New York, here are 20 tips on how you should go about things.

Stay calm and relaxed during the stop.

While being pulled over for the first time can be scary, you must remain relaxed and calm during the stop. If you are pulled over for speeding, the officer will typically request you to hand them your license and vehicle registration. Calmly comply with the request and avoid making a scene, instead, be cooperative and polite.

Don’t admit guilt during the stop

The officer may also ask you if you are aware of the reason for the traffic stop. Here, as per, you should never admit to speeding as this admission can and likely will be used against you in court. This doesn’t mean that you should be argumentative. As already stated, make sure you are polite and cooperative without admitting any wrongdoing.

Review the information on the ticket

After the traffic stop, as soon as is reasonably possible, you should review the information on the ticket. A New York State speeding ticket contains a lot of information about the driver, the vehicle, the details of the stop, the charge, the court where it can be challenged, and how to enter a plea (guilty or not guilty).

Pay close attention to the date

As you review the information on your speeding traffic ticket, it is also important that you take note of the date by which you are supposed to either pay or challenge the ticket. This is very important as failure to respond to a speeding ticket on time carries its own penalties as covered at

Write down as much information about the stop as you can

It is also important that you write down as much information about the traffic stop as possible. This includes details such as the lighting in the area, the amount of foliage around, the level of traffic (light, moderate, or heavy), how visible the speed limit sign was, etc.

Don’t plead guilty

Don’t make the mistake that most drivers make and pay the ticket. Many people assume that paying the ticket isn’t a big deal, particularly if it is their first offense. This is a huge mistake as not only is paying the ticket admission of guilt, it also comes with lots of other consequences such as increased insurance premiums, fines and surcharges, and points added to your driver’s license.

Plead not guilty

The most important thing to know when it comes to fighting a New York speeding ticket is that you should plead not guilty. Entering a plea of not guilty begins the dispute process. Remember, as already stated, paying your ticket before the court or pleading guilty means you will not be able to fight your ticket as highlighted at

Hire an experienced New York traffic violations attorney

Now that you have decided to fight your speeding ticket by pleading not guilty, you must consult with an attorney to determine the best way to beat or reduce your charge. The best person to help in such a situation is an experienced NY traffic violations attorney like, who will know the process, what to say, and how to say it, and can help you determine the best path forward.

Ensure you speak to an actual attorney

When contacting a traffic ticket attorney, it is important to ensure that you speak to an actual attorney on the phone before agreeing to hire them. This is because while a ticket-fighting app may seem like an easy answer, this approach comes with lots of unexpected downsides that you should consider.

The pretrial conference

Most traffic courts in New York State (except in New York City), require drivers who wish to fight their speeding ticket to attend a pretrial conference before taking the matter to court. The pretrial conference is a chance to negotiate the charges and potentially get the speeding ticket reduced. Remember, there is no pretrial conference in New York City, and drivers are not allowed to negotiate tickets, which means that every not-guilty plea must go to trial.

What you should be aiming for

Ideally, a driver who has been hit by a speeding ticket will want the ticket reduced to a no-point offense such as a parking ticket. For more serious tickets, like driving 21+ mph over the limit, getting the charge reduced to a non-speeding or lesser speeding offense may be the goal.

Benefits of hiring an attorney

If you hire an attorney to handle the pretrial conference, then this comes with several benefits. For starters, an attorney is a threat to the prosecutor’s conviction record, so the prosecutor is more inclined to negotiate a conviction for a lesser charge than risk going to trial and losing altogether. Secondly, experienced attorneys like have a relationship with many prosecutors throughout the state and can often leverage that relationship to get the best possible deal for the client.

Consider the plea bargain

Unless you are positive you have a legal case for dismissal, you should consider taking the plea bargain offered by the prosecutor. This is because, at the end of the day, it is probably more important to get the points reduced on your license than the fee.

Going to trial and the benefits of hiring an attorney

If you are unable to get a good deal at the pretrial conference, or if the prosecutor is unwilling to negotiate, then you should consider taking the speeding ticket to trial. Here, it is always best to hire an attorney like who can walk you through the process and handle all the questions and answers on your behalf. In many cases, it may not even be necessary to show up in court in person if you hire an attorney, as they will represent you in court.

Know what to wear

If you are required to show up in court, make a good impression by dressing appropriately. While you don’t have to go full formal, you should demonstrate that you are taking the process seriously. Men should wear a suit or business casual attire. The idea is to look professional and that you are respecting the court by not showing up in a t-shirt and shorts. Women should wear shoes, a dress, a work-appropriate skirt, or long pants. Wearing a blouse, sweater, or casual dress shirt is also acceptable.

Be patient and be prepared to wait in traffic court if you don’t have a traffic lawyer

Remember, as explained over at, you don’t have a real appointment, you have a date. Hearings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you have no idea how long other cases will take. You show up on the date, sign in, and wait. Getting frustrated with all the waiting will make you less likely to think clearly, and you might miss something important during your hearing. Hiring a traffic lawyer can help you jump to the head of the queue during your day in traffic court, another benefit of hiring one.

Show up for your hearing

The court system and TVB handle thousands of cases annually. The system is computerized, which means they will know if you return a response on time, if you showed up or not for a hearing, and if you followed the rules. Ignoring the process ad failing to show up will likely lead to you being found guilty and more fines and penalties. Hiring an experienced New York attorney like will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes with the process.

Be ready to present the facts and ensure that your lawyer knows all the details of your case

You will also only have a few minutes to make your case. Keep it simple and ensure you keep it all about the law. Do your research on traffic law, and remember that traffic court is about legal claims, not claims about fairness. The judges have seen and heard it all. Given hearings can be stressful and confusing, you will also find that hiring a New York traffic attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law will be incredibly helpful.

Don’t be rude

You will not get your ticket reduced to dismissed by being rude, angry, to belligerent. Remember that you are asking for a break from the law and you won’t get any breaks if you insult or annoy the people you are asking for a break. Remember also to never accuse the police officers of lying. They are either mistaken or misremembering.

Paying your speeding ticket fine

Finally, unless the ticket is dismissed, pleading guilty to a speeding ticket or a reduced offense will entail the payment of a fine. Deadlines and methods of payment vary from court to court (for instance, some allow credit card payment, others do not). In addition, those who accumulate 6 points or more from tickets within 18 months will also have to pay the DMV a Drivers Responsibility Assessment (DRA) penalty.

These are some of the things to consider if you ever got a speeding ticket in New York, with the top-rated being available to help if you need assistance with your speeding ticket.