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25 Jan Ticket Amounts Vary by County

Ticket Amounts Vary by County

Do you know how much your ticket will cost? If you’re pulled over for speeding or another minor traffic violation, you may be issued with a fine of as little as $50. But if you get caught without your seatbelt on, or with expired license plates, it could cost up to $150.

When it comes to how much your traffic ticket will cost you, location is everything. The same infraction can result in drastically different fines depending on which county you’re driving through. For example, speeding 15 miles over the speed limit can add up to around $140 for one driver but could mean paying up to $600 if you’re caught doing exactly that amount of over-speeding in some counties. If you’ve received a traffic ticket and want to take advantage of attorney consultations, it pays to know how much your ticket will cost—and that means knowing what county you were issued a citation in.

Because each county has its own local laws, your traffic ticket may be subject to different laws and fines depending on where you got it. A lot of people think that if they get a ticket anywhere in New York City, they’ll automatically have to pay an expensive fine—but that’s not always true. Traffic tickets are treated differently by every single municipality and county within the state, so it pays to hire a lawyer who knows all these ins and outs. For example, traffic tickets (for speeding or illegal parking) aren’t criminal offenses but rather infractions—and therefore aren’t seen as crimes under certain circumstances.

In many cases, local courts handle traffic tickets rather than state or federal courts. When you get pulled over, it’s important to know which court handles your ticket. In New York State, each county can set its own rules and determine what penalties will be assessed for various offenses. So even if you were pulled over outside of city limits, you could still receive additional penalties from a municipal court; especially if that jurisdiction has previously evaluated fines for similar infractions. This is why it’s so important to hire an attorney who is familiar with all of these variations. A traffic ticket lawyer in New York will know exactly how much your ticket is worth, based on where you were stopped and how much other drivers have paid for similar violations.