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Three Reasons to Call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

12 Apr Three Reasons to Call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you’ve received a traffic ticket, it can be frustrating. You’re facing penalties for something you don’t believe you did, or the penalties are harsher than you think is fair. Unfortunately, you’re probably not sure where to begin disputing the citation.

When that happens, you might be thinking about contacting a lawyer, but you want to make sure that’s really necessary. What three reasons could lead you to call a traffic ticket lawyer? Continue reading to learn more about how a lawyer can help you after a traffic citation in New York City.

You Need Experience on Your Side

Unless you’re a lawyer or you have experience with traffic tickets, you aren’t going to understand all the laws and regulations surrounding your case. When it’s time to dispute your ticket, that knowledge and experience is vital.

The team of lawyers at our firm have years of experience helping traffic ticket recipients across the state gather the necessary evidence to build a claim that will work toward getting your ticket dismissed.

Internet Advice Can Hurt Your Case

The internet age provides users with access to a nearly infinite amount of knowledge. But, of course, with the good comes the bad, and not all the advice you find online is useful. Although the information you find might seem like a free alternative to a lawyer, you don’t have any way to verify whether the information is accurate and current.

For example, you might have found some information about how to fight a speed camera ticket that isn’t true. Without a lawyer, you may end up paying the full $50 fine.

You Need Help Getting Evidence

Unfortunately, being pulled over can be scary, and the process of fighting back can feel overwhelming. You need evidence to prove you didn’t commit a traffic violation, and that can be tough to find without help.

A lawyer should have the resources you need to fight back. They can contact the right people for access to surveillance footage, for example, or they might use the tools at their disposal to prove you couldn’t have been breaking a traffic law. They’ll have what you need to fight your traffic ticket.  

Call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Help

A traffic ticket can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. You don’t want to accept the penalties, which can be expensive and even put your license at risk. However, you also might not have the tools and experience to defend yourself and get your ticket dismissed.

If you’re even wondering what a valid reason is to call a traffic ticket lawyer, you likely already need one. Reach out to the attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows. We have years of experience helping clients across New York City beat their traffic citations.

To get started, we’ll schedule a free consultation, where we’ll have a chance to explain how we can help you before you sign anything. Claim your no-obligation meeting by calling 917-856-1247 or by filling out the online form below.